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News AF 54 | Armed Trick or Treating is News AF – October 31, 2016


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Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about Clownpocalypse, Strip Club Mishap, Topless Turmoil, Pringles Flavors, Sick Days, Lucky Scratch, Meet iPhone 7 and more!


Some parents in Florida have announced that they are planning to pack some heat after reports of Creepy Clowns in their area.  Kimberly Kersey told “Florida” that she is planning or carrying a gun while taking her kids trick-or-treatiing.  Another Florida resident, Pam Metz says that she is going to be taking a baseball bat with her because she doesn’t have a gun.

Strip Club Mishap

In the most Florida news ever, police are currently searching for a man who, after leaving a strip club, fell out of his truck and ran over his own legs. The truck, which was apparently still in drive, continued onto a highway and crashed into a duplex. The man reportedly left his ID at the strip club.

Topless Turmoil

A college student in Texas was arrested this week after crashing into a cop car during an attempt to take a topless selfie while driving. The cop asked the underage student why she was topless, and she replied that she was attempting to take the photo for her boyfriend at the red light. The cop also found an open bottle of wine in the car.

Pringles Flavors

Getting back to some of our roots with weird chip flavor News AF: Pringles has announced that it will release pecan pie, salted caramel, and sugar cookie flavors for the holiday season. The new flavors will be released in November, though it’s unclear if the sugar cookie ones will be Pringles dusted with sugar, or if they will be some sort of thin, Pringle-shaped cookie.

Sick Days

CBS has reported a list of the most creative sick day excuses people have come up with according to CareerBuilder. The most common excuse is still the traditional doctor’s appointment. However, with more workers admitting to skipping work, come new and creative excuses workers come up to skip work.

Lucky Scratch

A woman in North Carolina won a million dollars in the lottery, after she bought a ticket in an effort to prove to her husband that lottery tickets are a waste of money. The ticket was a $10 scratch off, which she bought instead of the two powerball tickets her husband had asked her to buy, in an attempt to prove that “luck doesn’t always hit.”

Meet iPhone 7

A store in Ukraine recently ran a promotion offering free iPhone 7s to anyone who would legally change their name to iPhone 7. Being a dedicated AF millennial, one 20-year old actually went through with it. The man says that he will consider changing his name back if he has children, but for now it was a cost-effective decision.

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