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News AF 55 | A Real Snake on a Plane is News AF – November 8, 2016


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Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about Mannequin Challenge, Snakes On a Plane, Pranking North Korea, Breaking In For a Kit Kat Bar, Dunkaroos, Faded Jeans, A Bone to Pick With Popeye’s Chicken, Maple Syrup Heist, Strip For Science and more!

Mannequin Challenge

In this week’s episode of News AF, Rob Cesternino, Tyson Apostol and Danny Bryson discuss the brand new craze that is sweeping up the nation.  The mannequin challenge is when a group of people strikes and holds a pose for the duration of a song. Numerous videos have gone viral of groups taking on the mannequin challenge, including college and pro teams. However, with Hilary Clinton and Bon Jovi taking on the mannequin challenge, is this new craze doomed to fade sooner than later?

Snakes On a Plane

A passenger on a commercial flight in Mexico discovered a snake in his overhead luggage compartment. The commercial airline released a statement that the flight was given priority landing due to the presence of the sly slithering passenger. Of course, this incident seemed awfully familiar to the Hollywood hit “Snakes On a Plane.”

Pranking North Korea

Two Australian pranksters have been reprimanded this week after posing as members of the Australian golf team to enter a tournament in North Korea. The pair, who are actually polo players who were competing in China, successfully entered the country for two days last month. They subsequently gained international fame, and North Korea has just demanded that they make a public apology on North Korean national television, which the two declined.

Breaking In For a Kit Kat Bar

Earlier this week, a college student named Hunter Jobbins posted a note he received on his car from someone who had stolen his kit kat bar out of it. After the post went viral, Kit Kat followed up by sending the man thousands of candy bars. Kit Kat tweeted a picture of the robber’s note and one of Jobbins in his car filled with Kit Kat bars and said, “Keep your Kit Kat, thief. (Jobbins) now has ALL the candy.”


Genderal Mills has announced a new ad campaign for their Dunkaroos, which were discontinued in the US in 2012, under the new “smugglaroos” branding initiative. The company plans to launch a website this week in which Canadians sign up to smuggle Dunkaroos across the border if they are travelling to the US and delivering them directly to American consumers. The company claims that the campaign is an attempt to capitalize on adults’ nostalgia for old-school treats, which they’ve had success with in the past.

Faded Jeans

A groundbreaking new study has determined that the cut off for when it is appropriate to wear jeans is 53. The study claims that after 53, jeans are no longer stylish enough to be worth buying new pairs. The study also revealed that the process of jeans-shopping is so stressful that 6% of people cry during the process, and 29% of people have reportedly given up on finding the perfect pair.

A Bone to Pick With Popeye’s Chicken

A lawyer in Mississippi is suing Popeye’s Chicken for failing to include a knife with his drive-in order, causing him to choke on the chicken when he was forced to eat it with his hands. The man had to have emergency surgery to remove the chicken from his throat. He is currently seeking financial compensation and punitive damages.

Maple Syrup Heist

The trial of the four men accused of the $18 million maple syrup heist is well underway, and a bombshell was dropped this week. In his testimony, the alleged ringleader of the heist admitted to trafficking the stolen syrup because his family was in danger. The man is what’s known as a “barrel-roller,” which is the name in Canada for someone for someone who illegally sells syrup directly from producers, and he claims that while he did not realize the syrup he was buying was stolen, the man who sold it to him threatened to kill his family if he did not distribute it.

Strip For Science

A Russian professor might’ve been aspired to be a stripper earlier in his life. The professor suddenly stripped naked during his lecture in front of his students. While many students fled the lecture, one student stayed behind to capture the video of their professor stripping naked. With the video going viral, that professor my have that opportunity to chase after his lost dream.

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