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News AF 52 | The Downfall of Ken Bone is News AF – October 18, 2016


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Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about Ken Bone’s Downfall, Alex Trebeck’s Backlash, Hero’s Bad Trip, Clown’s Apocalypse, Pumpkins AF and more!

Ken Bone’s Downfall

Rob, Tyson and Danny discuss the tragic fall of Ken Bone: I’m sure you all know this story by heart, but lovable red-sweatered debate question-asker Ken Bone has fallen from grace after his AMA prompted users to go through his old reddit comments. Bone had in the past commented on niche porn threads, made some inciting comments regarding Trayvon Martin, and admitted to committing insurance fraud in the past to keep his job as a pizza delivery guy.

Alex Trebek’s Backlash

Alex Trebek is receiving backlash this week after one of his classic quips during the contestant interview portion of Jeopardy! rubbed people the wrong way. A contestant described her love of the music genre “nerdcore,” when nerdy people rap about stuff that they love, to which Trebek retorted, “losers, in other words.” Many nerdcore rappers have come out of the woodwork to diss Trebek and defend their genre, but Trebek has yet to issue a statement in response.

Hero’s Bad Trip

A man in New York state this week tried to be a hero by breaking into his neighbor’s house to save their dog from a fire. The only problem, however, was that the man was on LSD and hallucinated the fire. Troopers found him standing heroically outside the house with the dog in his arms, after driving his BMW through the fence in front of the house. The man was charged with second degree burglary and third degree criminal mischief, but everyone, including the dog, is unharmed.

Clown’s Apocalypse

The hero we deserve: A man in England is attempting to help kids traumatized by clowns by dressing up as batman to protect them. The man was sent by a costume company to patrol the streets and reassure children that they are safe. In response to the worldwide paranoia about clowns, Target has pulled the scary clown halloween masks from its shelves. The “happier, less frightening” clown masks are still available, however. This comes during a wave of corporations limiting clown visibility, such as Good Will pulling clown costumes from many locations in Florida, and McDonald’s temporarily stopping the use of Ronald McDonald for advertising.

Pumpkins AF

A man in Minnesota this week set the new world record for the longest distance floated on a pumpkin. The man went into the mission believing that the world record was 8 miles, but at mile 7 and a half he received a text that said someone had actually broken that record a week before, at 15 miles. Luckily the man had planned to go further anyway, and ended up traveling 26 miles on his sturdy pumpkin. The trip took over 13 hours, and the world record pumpkin will be displayed at the local zoo before being fed to the animals.

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