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News AF 50 | The Clown Apocalypse is News AF – October 4, 2016

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Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about The Clown Apocalypse , Smashing Apple Store Complaint, Grass Soda, Beautiful People Only Night Club, Genital Spider Bite and more!

On this week’s show, Rob Cesternino, Tyson Apostol and Danny Bryson discuss the uprising apocalypse as the gang of clowns spread terror in Nova Scotia and on social media. A woman driving home from work at night reports a clown blocking her path, and then running toward her car, forcing her to turn around and drive in the other direction. Another woman in the same town that night saw a group of 5 clowns in the middle of the street as she was walking home.

In addition to the influx of clown sightings, there has also been a rise in scary clown-related social media posts. Police in Philadelphia launched an investigation into the threatening clown posts and found that a 13-year-old girl has been making many of the posts as a prank. Many of the clowns were posted on Instagram with threats of shootings and kidnappings at local schools. The girl confessed that she and her friend did it, claiming that it was a prank and they had no intent to harm anyone.

In France, a man destroys Apple electronics with a heavy steel ball in the name of consumer rights. He was seen calmly and systematically destroying the products before being apprehended. A new soda that uses apple jalapeno, peanut butter and dirt for it’s flavoring. However, the unappealing ingredients won Daryl Allen over and gave the soda a positive review. Also, a LA club is set to open in February 2017 and in order to get in, you must join a website prior to going where you send in photos of your face and body, where you are then rated by the current members who have already passed to gain membership. If you’re looking to bring in visitors, then they must pass inspections by bouncers, unless they’re rich.

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