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Mommy and Me with Jacob and Smokey

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This week on LOST, we got he backstory of Jacob and the man in black in the episode entitled “Across the Sea”. Rob Cesternino is back with a LOST edition of Rob Has a Podcast and is joined by special guest John Norton, host of “The Tribe” and “Zero Hour” podcasts. On this episode we’ll discuss everything from this weeks LOST including:

Man in Black

Hello. My name is _______________.

– What exactly did we learn from the hour long episode about Jacob and his nameless and evil twin brother?

– What is the nature of Allison Janney’s character and what supernatural abilities does she possess (if any)?

– How exactly does the man in black know that if he sticks a wooden wheel into a bright yellow light that he can leave the island?

– When the hell did this episode take place?

We’ll try to figure everything out that took place in “Across the Sea” and guess how this episode is going to affect the final three and a half hours on LOST. It’s a LOST podcast that is more fun than playing with black and white rocks… it’s Rob Has A Podcast!

And as always, we love to hear your comments, so join the conversation and let us know what you think below or connect with Rob directly via twitter: @robcesternino

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