Russell, Parvati Discuss the Miss Survivor Write-In Controversy

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On an emergency edition of Rob Has a Podcast, Rob Cesternino discusses the biggest controversy in the history of the show.  In the last few days, many listeners have been clamoring for Abi-Maria Gomes to be included as a write-in candidate for Miss Survivor since the Abi-Maria bootleg interview hit youtube.  However, other listeners have been especially vocal that the voting remain exclusive to the three finalists:  Kim Spradlin, RC Saint-Amour and Chelsea Meissner.

In this podcast Rob will speak will hear from Russell Hantz, who has endorsed RC for Miss Survivor, to tell us why a write-in vote would make Miss Survivor flawed.  Then later, we will hear a written statement from the Abi-Maria campaign.  Finally, we will check in with the reigning Miss Survivor, Parvati Shallow to hear her thoughts on the controversy.  After hearing all of the facts on the issue, Rob attempts to make a decision about what will happen next in the 2013 Miss Survivor competition.

Russell Hantz

Rob checks in with Survivor Hall-of-Famer, Russell Hantz, to discuss the issue of the write-in ballots.  Russell thinks it would be completely unfair to change the way the voting structure for the finals at this point in the game. Russell explains why he feels like RC is the best candidate and why Abi-Maria is not worthy to be considered for Miss Survivor.
Then Rob talks with Russell about the comments made by Russell’s nephew, Brandon Hantz in a recent interview with Dalton Ross in Entertainment Weekly.  We get Russell’s thought on his feelings about his nephew coming back for the upcoming new season.  Russell also gives his thoughts on the mess that Malcolm Freberg may have to deal with in Survivor Caramoan because of Russell’s game in Survivor Heroes vs. Villains.

Statement from the Abi-Maria Gomez Campaign

Arguing that there is no spokesperson for the Abi-Maria “movement”, Rob reads the written statement prepared from the other side of the aisle.  In the statement, the Abi-Maria team explains why they should be included in both the Miss Survivor debates and as a write-in candidate.

Miss Survivor 2012, Parvati Shallow

As the reigning Miss Survivor, Rob seeks Parvati’s counsel to tell him whether she thinks it’s fair for there to be a write-in candidate for the Miss Survivor finals.  Parvati also explains how being the 2012 Miss Survivor changed her life for the better.

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