The Miss Survivor Votes are In and the Nominees are…

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For months the world has been waiting for the Miss Survivor pageant. All last week, people from across the globe voted for their picks for Miss Survivor and finally the results are in. Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino are joined by faithful vote counter, Kos Kosdrosky once again to reveal the top 5 vote getters for Miss Survivor, in no particular order.

In addition to the top 5 voted getters, Kos reveals some other interesting information like some Survivor women who did better in the competition than people expected. Likewise, there were several women who could have been contenders who did not fare as well.

Kos tells Rob and Nicole just how well Nicole did in the competition and how she fared against the 180 (not a plug for Coach) other women in the competition. Also, we find out if Tyson Apostol has become a top 5 finalist for Miss Survivor.

Rob and Nicole also explain the rules of the competition, which state that each nominee must accept their nomination and subject themselves to an interview for the competition. The votes will be cast after all the interviews have been posted.

After we hear the top 5 Survivor women chosen as nominees, we also get to find out who just missed the top 5, but squeezed into the top 10. We’ll also debate just how much campaigning affected the final results and preview how the rest of the competition just may play out.

Thanks for all the votes so far as we look forward to finally crowning the first ever Miss Survivor.

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