Cast Your Top 5 Votes for the Miss Survivor Pageant

It’s been several months in the making and now it’s time to vote on the first ever Miss Survivor competition.  Which Survivor beauty deserves to be crowned Miss Survivor?

The Criteria:

The task at hand is to crown the female Survivor that is most worthy of the title of Miss Survivor.  Cast your votes based on aesthetic preference, personality, gameplay and whatever other criteria you think represent the title of Miss Survivor.


Cast votes for five (5) Miss Survivor candidates of your choice.  You may only vote once per e-mail address (try to use the honor system).  The results will be tallied by Kos Kosdrosky without Rob seeing any of the results.  Kos will tally the votes and next week we will record a podcast to reveal the top 5 vote recipients. Ballots that are obviously not serious will not be counted. It’s understandable that some people might have unusual choices and those will be counted, but obvious joke ballots will not be included. It’s very easy to tell the difference.  You may only vote one time per ballot for any person (and you cannot vote for a different season’s version of the same person)

Votes Must be Submitted by 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, January 15, 2012.

Following the announcement of the top five vote getters, we will reach out to the top five for the interview portion of the competition.

To move on to the finals round, each of the top five must submit to the interview portion of the competition. If any of the top five vote getters choose to not participate in the interview portion of the competition, they forfeit any claim to the title of Miss Survivor.

Following all of the interviews, the audience will vote one more time on the finalists with the winner being revealed prior to the premiere of Survivor One World in February in our LIVE Miss Survivor results show..



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