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Rob Cesternino, along with Nicole Cesternino, Miss Survivor 2012 Parvati Shallow, and the Tabulator Curt Clark, presented the results of the Ms. and Mr. Survivor 2014. Andrea Boehlke, one of the finalists, joins the crew on webcam (from an ATM booth) along with some of Andrea’s friends tagging along. They might be drunk, you can decide that yourself.

For those unaware, the final 3 for the Miss Survivor pageant is Andrea Boehlke, Ciera Eastin and Candice Cody. The men in the Mr. Survivor pageant are Tyson Apostol, Malcolm Freberg, and Aras (and Vytas) Baskauskas.

Curt jumps in at the start to reveal the third place finisher in the Miss Survivor poll and it turns out to be Ciera Eastin with 16.2% of 9365 votes. The 9365 votes top the 8000+ votes from the previous year.

Curt reveals that the winner of Ms. Survivor, with 50.4% of the vote, is Andrea Boehlke. Rob serenades, an ATM goes crazy, amongst other things in the reveal. Curt reveals the progression of the voting as the polling began. Andrea leaves with some sweet parting words and signs off for the night.

Rob then reads some fan responses to the news of Andrea winning, along with other chitchat with the crew. Word on Brenda is told as well.

After displaying the Mr. Survivor belt and discussing #nerdgate, the third place finisher for Mr. Survivor is revealed as Tyson Apostol, with 22% of the 9365 votes, shocking the crew in the process. Tyson was revealed to be in third through out the final voting process. Fan reactions are read in anticipation of the final reveal.

Curt then reveals that the winner of Mr. Survivor 2014 is Malcolm Freberg, with 46.7% of the vote, leaving Aras and Vytas as runner ups with 30.8% of the vote. The crew breaks down what made Malcolm’s win happen, and what led to Aras’ downfall.

Aras fans shouldn’t be too sad. This Thursday, Aras will be the guest for the normal Survivor podcast.
Parvati will be hosting the Survivor Live Show every week starting this week, in a new format from her past CBS Survivor hosting shows.

Round 1 Vote Results (When each voter could vote for 3 people per contest)

Miss Survivor 

First Place: Andrea- 42%

Second Place: Ciera- 41%

Third place: Brenda- 33% 

Fourth Place: Candice- 21%

Mr. Survivor

First Place: Malcolm 48%

Second Place: Hayden 39%

Third Place: Tyson 39% (27 fewer votes than Hayden)

Special Thanks to Nick Fishman for recapping tonight’s show.

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