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Over 8,000 votes have been cast and now the results have tallied. We are counting down the entire list of Miss Survivor candidates all the way from #20 to #4 and at the end of the night, we’ll have our Top 3 Finalists for Miss Survivor 2014.

It’s the first part of a 2-night event.  On Tuesday, join us at 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT when we countdown to the Top 3 Finalists for Mr. Survivor.

Kicking off pageant season on Rob Has a Podcast, Rob and Nicole Cesternino are joined live by Curt “The Tabulator” Clark for the live reveal of the top three candidates YOU voted for in the 2014 Miss Survivor Competition!

The Bottom Five, in no particular order:

Francesca Hogi, Sherri Biethman, Marissa Peterson, Laura Boneham, Julia Landauer

While not all the choices here surprise Rob, he says the headline of the bottom five is definitely that Sherri Biethman, co-runner up of her season, fails to crack the top 15.

15. Dawn Meehan

A friend of RHAP, Rob is surprised to see Dawn ranked this low and wonders if her brief Twitter absence might have hurt her overall following. Needless to say, @DawnsNerdyBread is devastated by this placement.

14. Laura Alexander

Rob is disappointed to see Laura Alexander, who must settle for being the runner-up of the Lauras, place this low. He commends her for being one of the actual Survivor fans on the Caramoan season, though, and hopes to have her on the podcast to talk Survivor Cagayan.

13. Allie Pohevitz

The second person voted out of Survivor Caramoan, Allie finishes a respectable 13th place. The panel feels Allie was unable to make much of an impression during her actual time on the show and was not likely to be a serious contender.

12. Tina Wesson

A long-time Survivor fan favorite, Tina fails to crack the top 10 in her first year of eligibility for Miss Survivor. Ultimately, Rob blames a lack of campaigning for holding Tina back in the voting.

11. Kat Edorsson

Also failing to crack the top 10 is Kat Edorsson, a big surprise for Rob and Curt. While Kat recently attained some top-heaviness, Rob feels she didn’t use this enough as an asset on the campaign trail.

10. Hope Driskill

For being a fairly under the radar character, Rob is impressed by the performance of Hope and the pre-jury women of Survivor Caramoan in the 2014 Miss Survivor pageant. He feels that the pre-merge boots of that season might collectively be the best looking in the history of the show’s pre-jurors.

9. Monica Culpepper

Finishing in ninth place, it becomes clear the RHAP fan base has never met a nice person before. Rob points out that Shane Powers will be disappointed his crush did not make the top 3.

8. Laura Morett

She’s queen of the Lauras, but settles for eighth place overall. Whether Ciera would have found a way to vote her mom out of the Miss Survivor finals will now never be known.

7. Rachel Foulger

Rob was impressed that for leaving the game so early, Rachel managed to finish this high in the Miss Survivor competition. She also improves on the 26th place performance her boyfriend Tyson achieved in the 2012 Miss Survivor pageant.

6. Corinne Kaplan

If there’s anyone on this list that will be furious about her placement, it’s Corinne Kaplan with a sixth place finish. Should any of the finalists not accept their nominations, Rob and Nicole would have no complaints welcoming Corinne into the final round.

5. Katie Collins

Looks like the glasses will in fact get it, as Kate just misses the top three for Miss Survivor. Her campaigning and enthusiasm for Miss Survivor is, however, commended by Rob and Nicole.

4. Candice Cody

She’s a three-time Survivor player, but just misses out on the final round of Miss Survivor 2014. As with Katie, the panel appreciates Candice for her campaign efforts, but Rob and Nicole wonder if John will be the Dr. Cody who receives the most support this pageant season.

And Your Top Three Finalists for Miss Survivor 2014 are…

Andrea Boehlke
Brenda Lowe
Ciera Eastin

With the top three finalists set for Miss Survivor 2014, it’s time to learn your ABCs – Andrea returns to the Miss Survivor finals and is joined by Brenda Lowe and Ciera Eastin.

Thanks to Brendan Noel for recapping the Miss Survivor Finalist Countdown!

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