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Meat Loaf Melts Down & The Jersey Shore Reunion

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Note: Jersey Shore talk starts at 54:00

It was one of the wildest nights ever on the Celebrity Apprentice as Meat Loaf went into one of the all-time reality tv tirades on teammate Gary Busey. It was also a sad night in the reality TV world as the original Survivor winner, Richard Hatch was fired by Donald Trump. On this celebrity apprentice podcast we’ll discuss:

– The recent controversy over Jose Canseco and his attempt to have brother Ozzie Canseco appear in his stead at a celebrity boxing event.

– How badly did Richard Hatch get screwed over on this episode of the Celebrity Apprentice and why was his firing so unfair in this task?

– How exactly did Marlee Matlin raise a million dollars for her charity in this task? Where did all the money come from?

– Plus, don’t miss our recap of the Jersey Shore reunion special to hear what we thought about Snooki at Wrestlemania and the future of Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie.

It’s a Celebrity Apprentice podcast that you won’t be able to take your good ear off… it’s Rob Has a Podcast.


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