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Masking Twists and Gameplay on Big Brother 15

Disclaimer: Rob has a website blog is a reality blog about a group of people who have no privacy 24/7. At times, the houseguest will  may reveal a jarring and horrifying amount of  prejudices and other beliefs that Rob does not condone, we hope these views expressed  do not reflect the views or opinions of Rob Cesternino”  Sorry couldn’t help it! Like the editor and chief of this site tweeted, anytime a show starts with a disclaimer you know it will be good!

Last entry started with the Darth Vader’s theme being played to symbolize Aryan’s—er, I mean Aaryn’s—administration taking over the HOH and the power in the house. This week, with the Helen administration taking over, we should be hearing the theme from West Wing.Everything is much more dignified this week.

A few of the houseguest’s have been acting like Edward Norton’s crew from American History X. It has been taking the spot light off the MVP gimmick. Trouble is, it favors the weak. Big Brother is at its best when you combine physically strong and cerebral players. With the third nomination, the weak players who aren’t even in power still can eighty-six a strong player, because they are controlling who goes up with this wild card nomination. Another problem is that Elissa basically gets a weekly special power due to a built in following from her sister Rachel’s pseudo celebrity. She is like a wizard in the house, and it’s hard to imagine that she won’t continue to get the MVP. Theoretically, this MVP thing would have been more interesting if all the people coming into the house were new and didn’t have any connection to a built-in following, because then you could see it changing as the viewers got to know the houseguests better. I have a feeling that CBS is going to have a Stage 4 panic attack and start manufacturing ways to save some of their stronger characters, i.e. 24 consecutive Pandora’s boxes that bring back players who have been voted off that CBS wants back.

So let’s get into the game as it stands:

e8-helen Revenge of the Nerds[/caption]

• Helen winning HOH continues the momentum of power being in the hands of the physically weaker players.  Like Revenge of the Nerds, the Lambda Lambda Lambdas of Big Brother 15 are now in complete control and got the physically strong players scrambling and imploding. Helen is the smartest player in the house. She’s seven moves ahead of everyone else. Everything can change in a second, if you could bet on this in Vegas (and I’m sure you can), Helen would be a 2-to-1 favorite. She has everyone’s respect and she’s aligned with the Wizard (Elissa), who has the special power. The only question I ask myself (as Helen is targeting a backdooring of Jeremy) is if that is the smartest play here. Jeremy is such an obvious target. He’s loud, he’s brash, and he’s a bully, but you know what he is thinking at all times and you can predict his next move(s). I would reach out to Jeremy secretly and cut a deal with him. Having him on your side and having him stay in the house keeps the spotlight off you. Then you have a grateful Jeremy fighting for your team. He has shown that he can be loyal. Then you target Spencer, as he is impossible to read and you can’t predict what his next move will be. Still, I don’t think Helen will do that Her goal is to get Jeremy out of the house one way or the other. It’s interesting to look at how the house is now split up. The majority of the house is aligned with Helen, but in that alignment you can see sub groups and possible future fractures. The question marks I see in future weeks are:

• Amanda and McCrae: Smack in the middle of the house. The HOH sets the plans and makes the nominations, but the swing votes and floaters are the ones who ultimately decide and alter the fate and destiny of the Big Brother game. So to everyone watching, Amanda is one of the proverbial swing votes, only she sees herself as having the potential  power of Cleopatra. Really, though, she gives off the vibe of Macaulay Culkin’s uncle in Home Alone.  “Look what you did, you little jerk!” She’s always complaining. Loudly. She doesn’t know it, but she’s a marked woman. You can see the other house guest throwing her name around a little bit. She needs to win the next HOH, or pray that McCrae does.


Still under the radar

• McCrae is in an interesting place. He has shown that he can win physical competitions, and he can handle a showmance. Both of these are usually red flags that make you a target, but in his case, he is still under the radar. After Helen, McCrae and (maybe) Judd would be the next two favorites to win the show.

• Howard, Spencer, and Jeremy are facing the BB gallows. Jeremy is the easy target, but all three face death row. All three are in similar places, but all three are completely different in their styles of play so far this season. I’m particularly interested to see how Spencer plays it, as he was pretty high on himself early in the game. He must get in good with not only Helen and Andy but really sneakily alliance up with Judd and Jessie. He needs some bodies on his side, even if they’re not even conscious sometimes like Jessie. Howard’s path to redemption is to continue to build a showmance with Candice and hope that she can help him build a bridge toward Helen, Andy, and Elissa. Jeremy made his bed and now he has to sleep in it. His only way of surviving is if he wins the veto or Helen decides she wants to try and make a deal with the devil. Credit to him for at least toning down his brashness. Clearly he wants to be in the house but it may be too late for the little lad.

• Helen winning HOH set the stage for the implosion of the three princesses: Aryan—shoot, I meant Aaryn—Kaitlin and GinaMarie. Once the other side of the house came into power, some might think those girls would then play it smart, be quiet and not make waves. But instead of playing it classy, they decided the best course of action would be to lash out and get all racist and stuff at Candice, specifically Aaryn and GinaMarie. We all can understand and empathize with GinaMarie, as she just had one of the most horrific, terrible things that can happen to somebody happen to her—which is that a guy she has known for eleven days was voted off a reality game show where the point of the show is that somebody gets voted off every week. Highlight or one of the highlights of this season was watching her post Nick eviction rant a rave like a 1940’s Newsie. Staten Island must be proud of their little gem.



• Aaryn, on the other hand, is just puzzling. I wonder if her dad watches and thinks to himself, “I actually wish she would have gotten on America’s Next Top Stripper or something. The messed up part is that she may actually get to the end of the game. Even if she made it to the finals with Paula Dean and Biff Tannen, she still wouldn’t get the votes to win. Trust me, that’s saying something. (Biff Tannen would be horrible at playing the BB social game, although I bet he would be a monster in the driving into manure HOH competition.) Looking at the MVP piece, I really don’t see these three girls being a Plan A or Plan B for the next couple of weeks, as the physically strong players are being targeted. The only way I see these three leaving in the next two weeks is if CBS cuts the live feeds at night and does a Zero Dark Thirty operation, where those tree girls are taken out off the house and never seen again.

• The Moving Company is dead, and Jeremy, the face, has a date with Julie Chen on Thursday at about 8:40 p.m. unless CBS, pulls a WWE and just blatantly decides to contrive some way to save him. The decent, intelligent people are in power for now and everything is good, but nothing in the BB house last for more than seven days.

In the words of the immortal Sam Jackson, “Hold on to your butts!”

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