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Rob Has a Web Show: Mourning the Loss of Mark & Bopper on Amazing Race

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As written by RHAP Recapper/Intern Amy H (@RHAPrecapper )

First, Rob announces that Alison Iwata broke the World Record for Consecutive Listening of RHAP (12.5 hours). Rob discusses how to verify your eligibility for the RHAP Hall of Fame, which involves video footage and quiz questions. Rob shows the memorabilia that Alison wins: the empty pack of Marlboro Reds left by THE Shane Powers. He also shares Parasocial Dude’s trailer for Dream2Movie.

In appearance news, Rob will be speaking in NYC on June 5th at Blogworld on a panel about tips for building a successful fan podcast. And, leveraging his success from Miss Survivor, he will be hosting the Miss California beauty pageant on Sunday May 20th in Brea, CA.

Rob and Nicole then lament Mark and Bopper’s demise on the Amazing Race. They discuss the insecurities Rachel revealed when confronted with the head-shaving challenge. Putting himself in Brenchel’s shoes, Rob doesn’t think it would be worth $1 million to hear Nicole complaining about her bald head for a year. Rob predicts one of the teams with a Rachel will win the race. Rob and Nicole discuss how Phil was “Probsting it” on the mat, prompting the two Rachels to fight, and they also ponder Vanessa’s history of cross-dressing ex-boyfriends.

Rob is excited about the new show Glass House premiering on June 18 on ABC, which has not been cast yet. Rob wants to get a RHAP fan in that house! Rob tests out his talents as a potential GH host (which, FYI, he would do for free, ABC).

Rob also talks about strategies for Survivor reward challenges and does an impression of an enraged Jeff Probst. Rob predicts that Kat may be the next to go because she followed him on Twitter this morning. Rob also thinks Kim needs to make a big move in order to be considered “great” rather than simply “good.”

To close out the show, Rob debuts a song called “Rob That Sucks” by Don Shook, and asks whether the viewers want to “Ding it or Fling it”. He also says he is in the market for a RHAP theme song. Nicole rates the song as a 1– in other words, DING!

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