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Jonny Fairplay on the Dead Girlfriend Hoax of Manti Te’o

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It’s the story that everybody is talking about. Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o received national attention as the tragic story of the death of his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, began to surface in the media. Shockingly, broke a story that the death of Lennay Kekua to leukemia (on the same day that his grandmother died) was actually a hoax.

The world’s most famous fake death perpetrator, Jonny Fairplay, who lied about the death of his grandmother on Survivor Pearl Islands joins Rob to give his opinion on the Te’o story. However, Jonny Fairplay doesn’t think that Manti Te’o was lying. Instead, Jonny Fairplay believes Te’o’s story that he was the victim of a hoax where someone pretended to be his girlfriend the whole time – something called “Catfishing”. The term comes from a 2010 film where Yaniv Schulman experienced a situation similar to what Te’o allegedly experienced and the film has been turned in to an MTV series.

Rob and Fairplay debate whether or not the Te’o story is remotely plausible with Rob firmly believing that Te’o is not telling the truth. Jonny Fairplay tells many of the telltale signs to find out if you are being cat fished. Plus, Rob and Jonny discuss whether Te’o’s potential lie is worse than Jonny Fairplay’s dead grandmother lie.

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