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Previewing Season 5 of Mad Men with Jeremiah Panhorst from Mad Men Podcast

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With the return of Mad Men only days away, Rob Cesternino is joined by Jeremiah Panhorst from Mad Men Podcast to take one last look back at season 4 of Mad Men and predict what happens when the show kicks off on Sunday, March 25th.

Looking back at Season 4 Rob and Jeremiah discuss Don Draper’s sudden proposal to his new secretary Megan while in California with Sally, Bobby and Gene. Was this a good decision for Don or was he better off staying in a relationship with Dr. Faye? We’ll discuss which of these two women would be the best fit for Don and question if Don even really knows what he wants.

What about the baby that Joan Harris is deciding to have? How will Sterling Cooper Draper Price continue onwards without the Lucky Strike account. Why does Show creator Matthew Weiner have his son play such a creepy character as Glen?

Rob asks Jeremiah to predict what time period Mad Men comes back at. Rob guesses its 1967 for season 5 and Jeremiah agrees to work on predictions using that timeframe. We try to guess whether or not Don has gone through with marrying Megan. While Rob and Jeremiah both agree that the marriage is not going to work, we try to figure out if the marriage will be bad at the beginning of the season or if it will get worse as the season progresses.

We also will try to predict how will Roger Sterling react to the news that Joan is having his baby. How much conflict will there be when Greg returns from Vietnam? How much longer will Betty’s marriage to Henry Francis last on the show.

Rob and Jeremiah go through the Mad Men cast to see how all of the characters would fare in a game of Survivor. While Rob and Jeremiah both think Don would do well, they think Peggy Olsen would probably win.

We wrap up the show with taking your comments from the Facebook fan page and trying to guess what major historical milestones might pop up in Season 5.

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