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Note: Rob begins by responding to same recent comments made about him early in the show and the actual love and relationship advice begins at about 25:00

As recapped by master recapper and RHAP intern, Amy (@RHAPrecapper) 

On this 3rd edition of Rob Has a Lovecast, Rob starts the show clearing up a few things that Robb Z misrepresented in his recent comments. Rob also announces that Kim Spradlin’s animal faces will be a segment on the next Friggin 5.

The relationship advice begins at 25:45. Stephen wants to know how to tell if a girl likes him, while Mark wants to know how to get out his “got dumped” slump. Rob considers starting a dating service to match up RHAP fans. Nicole thinks “Rob Has a Sausage Fest” would be an apt title for this endeavor.

Next, Carlos  wants help dealing with an Orlando 6 stalker with halitosis and “cookies in the locker.” Tune in to find out what this means. Rob and Nicole also help a listener named Loki determine when to reveal a disability, and offer Will two options to find out if his friend is gay. Rob’s go-to line would be “You’re really hot– it’s too bad you’re not gay.” Nicole suggests passing a note: “Are you gay? Check Yes or No.”

As per tradition, Leonardo tries to call in but his sound isn’t working. He pantomimes his question and shows a picture of his girlfriend.

Next, Rob and Nicole help listeners with questions about dating someone with an extensive past and dating long distance. Rob and Nicole reveal they were long distance for 1.5 years, so they are proof it can work!

Rob and Nicole also give advice to TheeSoopNazee who wants a date with Kim Spradlin and a listener named Russell who wants to know when to make a move on someone who just got out of a long-term relationship. Next, Tyler calls in. He thinks he hasn’t settled down because he’s a kid at heart. Nicole thinks he has too many excuses and just needs to get out there.

Then Rob gives advice on getting out of the friend zone. He advises that you have to “take the weiner out of the equation” and determine if you would still want to be friends with the girl. In other words, is the girl really funny or do you just like her fun bags? If she isn’t someone you’d want as a friend, go ahead and make a move because you’ve got nothing to lose.

Rob and Nicole also discuss who should make the first move and whether chivalrous acts (such as opening car doors) are important.

Next, the rooster Matthew J Quinlan calls in. Much to the chagrin of many in the chatroom, his video isn’t working.

The web show closes with a triumphant second call from Leonardo that you have to see to believe. Leonardo divulges he wants to spice things up in the bedroom with his girlfriend. As he talks, another woman appears on screen. Who is this mysterious figure, how does Leonardo react to her presence, and why is he talking about his sex life in front of her? Tune in to get an epic glimpse into the life of RHAP’s favorite Brazilian.




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