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Whatever Happened, Happened: One Year After LOST

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Rob Cesternino was not a fan of the lost finale. One year later, Rob went back and watch a big chunk of season 6 of LOST, including the LOST finale. Obsessive LOST fan, Ryan Pappolla, joins Rob to talk about LOST, one year later:

– How was the controversial ending of LOST held up one year later? How was Rob’s opinion of the “purgatory” ending changed?

– How much of the characters lives on LOST was determined by free will and how much was fate?

– What did Jacob really have planned for the LOST characters and did things go according to Jacobs plan?

– What are the things that still don’t quite add up in the LOST universe?

– Where does Season 6 of LOST land in Rob and Ryan’s LOST season rankings?

It’s a LOST podcast so good, you’ll have to go back again and again… it’s Rob Has a Podcast.


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