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Coming to you LIVE from the Hollywood Improv, it’s the Survivor Roast of Rob Cesternino.   The Roastmaster of the evening is the winner of Survivor Fans vs Favorites and the first ever “Miss Survivor”, Parvati Shallow.

The other Survivors ready to take the mic were Sophie Clarke (Winner of Survivor South Pacific), John Fincher (Survivor Samoa), Mikey Bortone (Survivor Fans vs Favorites), Abi-Maria Gomes (Survivor Philippines), Aras Baskauskas (Winner of Survivor Panama) and Tyson Apostol (Winner of Survivor Blood vs Water)

Please note, that the Survivor Roast is very offensive and should ONLY be listened to by Mature Audiences (maybe Grown-ups is a better word). DO NOT listen to this show in the company of children and this is NOT safe for work.

Photos from the Roast

Video of the Roast

The full video of the show is now available for purchase on Vimeo for just 4.99 by clicking here.

About the Roast

I first came up with the idea for a Survivor Roast about 10 years ago, but there never was a way to do it that made sense.  This year when I tried to incentivize the RHAP audience to vote for the Podcast Awards, I thought that this would be a fun way to reward the community for their hard work.  Once again, the RHAPists RHAP fans delivered and we won the Best Video Podcast and Best Produced Podcast of the Year at the 2013 Podcast Awards.  As promised, here is the Survivor Roast of Rob Cesternino.

Special Thanks to for providing the live stream for the show from the Hollywood Improv.

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