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Last Comic Standing 2014: Night 2 of Semi-Finals Recap

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Last Comic Standing 2014: Semi-Finals Night 2[/caption]

Rob Cesternino and Mike Bloom discuss the second night of the semi-finals on Last Comic Standing 2014.  In this week’s show 14 more semi-finalists performed with 5 people moving on the final field of 10.  In tonight’s show, we saw Lachlan Patterson, Rocky Laporte, D.C. Benny, Nikki Carr and Rod Man.

5 Comedians advance to the Round of 10 on Night 2 of Invitationals on Last Comic Standing

In the full recap of episode 6, Rob and Mike discuss:

  • How do Mike and Rob react to the fact that America will not be voting AT ALL on the outcome of Last Comic Standing?
  • What is the Comic Comeback twist?
  • What is the reaction to the final field of 10 having 8 men and only 2 women?
  • Who were some of the biggest snubs from the second night of the semi-finals?
  • Which performers were better than they were at the invitational round set and who took a step back?
  • Did the “powers that be” at NBC have an off-week coming up with hashtags?
  • What are the power rankings for the upcoming “Taxi Brooklyn”?
  • How will the competition shift after this week’s episode?

Join us for much more Last Comic Standing next week as we move to the competition rounds.

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