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Last Comic Standing 2014 Recap: Finalists go From 5 to 4

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Rob Cesternino and Mike Bloom are back together to discuss the “5 to 4” round in the finals of Last Comic Standing 2014.  The five finalists performed in front of the judges and got advice from legendary comedian and host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno.

Joe Machi

Joe was the first person to go up and gave a solid set.  Rob especially liked Joe’s joke about people who say Facebook needing a dislike button.  The judges all though Joe was very good but wondered if he got a little too comfortable and was missing his trademark nervousness.

Rod Man

Rod Man spent his entire set talking about babies.  Rod Man discussed “a little white baby” that terrorized him on a plane and another baby that was “going through changes”.  Keenan Ivory Wayans said that Rod Man has a “perfect set”.

Rocky Laporte

Rob was really impressed with Rocky Laporte’s set this week though the opening was a rough start.  Mike said that there were more problems with the set in the online unedited version on youtube.

Nikki Carr

Nikki discussed her dating life extensively in her set.  She segued in to talking about she had to date ugly men and would probably date the monsters in horror movies.  All of the judges gave Nikki praise and Roseanne said she had a lot of heart

Lachlan Patterson

Lachlan had another funny set but his jokes were very observational and didn’t really come from a unique point of view.  Mike says he is now uninviting Lachlan from his wedding.

The judges deliberated and decided that Rocky Laporte was going to be the one to go home.  Rob thinks the order the judges saved people was the power rankings heading in to the final week.  The comics were saved in the order:  Rod Man, Joe Machi, Nikki Carr and Lachlan Patterson.  The guys wonder if this could be a wakeup call for Lachlan Patterson heading in to the final 2 rounds.

Next week Rob and Mike will discuss the round of “4 to 3” on Last Comic Standing.



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