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Last Comic Standing 2014: The Roast of Gilbert Gottfried Recap

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Last Comic Standing 2014: A Recap of the Last Comic Standing Roast of Gilbert Gottfried[/caption]

Rob Cesternino and Mike Bloom are back to recap the Last Comic Standing Roast of Gilbert Gottfried in Challenge Round 4 on July 24, 2014. The final six competitors were mentored by Jeff Ross to do a roast of the great Gilbert Gottfried. Jeff Ross would select a winner to move on to the Top 5 (baby).

Each of the competitors took their turns roasting Gilbert.  Unlike the Survivor Roast of Rob Cesternino, there was nobody who bombed (or got bombed) on the stage.  Ultimately, Jeff Ross decided that the best two roasters were Nikki Carr and Lachlan Patterson – with Nikki being selected as the winner.

When the players voted, Joe Machi was voted in to the stand up showdown.  Rob and Mike theorized that the competitors may have felt that Joe burned through too much material after going in to overtime with Monroe Martin last week.  Joe selected Karlous Miller as the guy that he wanted to battle against.

Karlous Miller was criticized by the judges, specifically Keenan Ivory Wayans and Roseanne for his lack of energy and preparation. Karlous blamed “that California weed”.  Roseanne was not amused and called his material both “Made in China” and “bar jokes.”

Once again, Joe Machi was fantastic in the showdown.  The judges praised Joe for his effort and his writing.  When the judges ruled, it was Joe Machi that would advance to the finals round.

Rob and Mike discussed the power ranking going in to the final 5.  Rob and Mike concluded that the winner rankings are:

5.  Rocky Laporte – Rob and Mike accused Rocky of being the season’s biggest floater.

4.  Nikki Carr – She is the only player to win 2 challenges, but she still can’t crack the big 3.

3.  Rod Man – Rob’s favorite may have peaked too soon and lost some momentum in the competition.

2.  Lachlan Patterson – Another strong outing for Lachlan coming in second in the roast.

1.  Joe Machi – His Bach to Bachi wins in the showdown prove he is the man to beat right now.

Stay tuned for a special show with Comic Comeback juggernaut, Alingon Mitra on Sunday.

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