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Last Comic Standing 2014: Recap of Night 3 of Invitationals

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Last Comic Standing is back for another week to bring us another night of comedians auditioning in the invitational rounds.  Rob Cesternino and Mike Bloom (@AmikeBloomType) break down the 7 comedians who made it through and discuss the notable acts that didn’t get through.

7 Comedians Advance to the Semi-Finals on Night 3 of the Last Comic Standing 2014 Invitationals

Rob and Mike discuss the seven comedians selected by the panel of judges (making 21 comedians total that are moving on to the next round.

Chloe Hilliard

We got to see the background story of Chloe who was raised in all-Hasidic neighborhood in New York.  While her background was important to her she says she doesn’t want to talk too much about race.  Both Rob and Mike were just lukewarm on her performance and were surprised to see her become the first person chosen to move to the next round.

Alingon Mitra

Alingon had the unique background of working in tax preparation in his family business run by his Indian parents.  Rob really enjoyed his set and thought he was a great pick to move on.  Mike felt like he’s heard the “coming out” to your parents joke before but liked Alingon overall.

Gerald Kelly

Gerald didn’t get much of an introduction except to say that he’s known more for his eyes than for his abs.  He did a couple of quick jokes at the start of a montage but advanced to the semi-finals.  Mike compared his comedy style to Rodney Dangerfield’s.

Zainab Johnson

Zainab was the final performer to go in the montage that Gerald kicked off.  She earned the #BaldandBeautiful hashtag from the executives at NBC.  She discussed some of the ways her boyfriends have tried to make her go crazy.  Mike is very bullish on more material coming from her because of her unique viewpoint.

DC Benny

Neither Rob nor Mike was particularly impressed with DC Benny, though Mike did really like the physicality of the joke about the old man doing tai chi / heroin addict.  Rob feels like the DC Benny moniker is similar to how Boston Rob got his name.  Rob thinks that DC’s spot in the semi-finals could have gone to somebody else.

Emily Galati

Emily was another comedian that was seen during a montage.  Her jokes were about what it’s like to live in Arizona – which apparently means dealing with a lot of old and dying racists.  Both Rob and Mike thought her jokes were funny but were concerned that she said she now has to write more jokes.

Rocky Laporte

The final comedian to get through was Rocky Laporte who is a longtime stand-up veteran with a really large family.  Neither Rob nor Mike really got the appeal of why the judges were so fond of him.  In particular, Russell Peters said he wanted to listen to an hour of his comedy.

Notable Snubs

Randy Liedtke

Rob and Mike felt like the biggest snub of the night was Randy Liedtke.  Randy’s jokes contained a number of clever puns which seemed to be a big hit with the judges and the audience.  Perhaps Randy spend too much time on the ventriloquist phone call but at least his use of the phone went better than Ben Kromberg’s last week.

Tony Baker

Tony’s set opened the show and after the use of the #MonopolySlumlord hashtag, Rob thought Tony was looking good.  Unfortunately, the judges didn’t feel the same way.


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