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Recapping Kristen Wiig’s Return to Saturday Night Live

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This week, Kristen Wiig returned to host SNL for the first time. Wiig had only left the show one season ago so we didn’t have much time to forget about her on the show. Rob Cesternino and SNL expert, Rich Tackenberg, discuss what worked and what did not work on the latest edition of the SNL Podcast.

The general consensus between Rob and Rich is that many of the retread sketches that Kristen Wiig made famous during her time on SNL felt a little tired to see them once again. As predicted last week, We saw another installment of “The Californians” with Wiig reprising her role in the sketch. Kristen Wiig appeared in another dance number on The Lawrence Welk show which also did not resonate with Rob and Rich. However, both Rob and Rich thought this was a strong outing for Wiig as the Target Lady after weekend update.

Other than the returning sketches, Rob and Rich did not care for the cold open and thought that the visitors to the update desk were not great in Anthony Crispino and Garth and Kat. Rich liked the Mother’s Day commercial for 1-800-flowers and both Rob and Rich thought the sketches at the end of the show were the best sketches of the night.

Additionally, Rob and Rich discuss the news that Seth Meyers is going to replace Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. The guys also make predictions on what could be Jason Sudeikis’ last show next week.

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