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Recapping Survivor San Juan Del Sur Episode 12, “Let’s Make a Move” on December 10, 2014 in which Jon Misch is voted out of the Huyopa tribe by a 3-0 vote

Rob and Stephen kick off tonight’s Survivor Know It Alls with outrage – how could Dr. Ben from the Survivor medical team leave Muffin in the game with a broken leg?! Oh, but they also get around to talking about tonight’s big story, in which voting out Jon proved not a MischN Impossible for Natalie, Baylor, and Missy. This also finally settles the bet between Rob and Stephen over which of them is the bigger Know It All, with Rob being declared the victor for predicting Missy would do better this season than Jon. @ShutUpTim even provided Rob with special music cues to play for this special occasion! With Rob reminding the listeners that Spencer Bledsoe will be joining him on the show tomorrow, Stephen ponders whether continuing to predict Survivor winners is a practice he should discontinue.

Just a week after criticizing her decision to blindside Jon and Jaclyn by voting out Alec, Rob and Stephen find themselves wondering once again if Natalie is in the best position to win this season. Rob points out that what initially seemed like a “I’m sad and missing my twin sister and I’m going to be voted out tonight” edit for her eventually began to reveal itself as an “I’m 34 days in and I’m gonna make a real run at this” classic Survivor rejuvenation edit. He and Stephen both see faults in Jon’s gameplay tonight, failing to see why voting him or Jaclyn out (or either of Missy or Baylor) would be a logical or beneficial game move for Natalie. Rob notes that the best Survivor strategists are able to look at the game from the perspective of their tribemates, which Jon proved incapable of doing in this situation.

Rob and Stephen also delve deeper into Missy’s reward challenge injury which threatened to remove her from the game tonight, the medical treatment of which Stephen felt was BS. Rob agrees, feeling that the medical team’s priority should be trying to find ways to treat contestants while keeping them in the game rather than threatening to pull them. He also notes that pulling Missy from the game would have resulted in a much less interesting outcome for tonight’s episode than the one we actually saw. Stephen acknowledges the production difficulties taking Muffin to get X-rayed might have caused, but also doesn’t see why taking her out of the production area briefly would have been a big enough deal that it necessitated her removal from the game. This also reopens the issue of this season’s flexible challenge rules trend, with Jon giving up another individual reward this week and Jeff giving Missy the option to sit out of tonight’s immunity challenge.

To #RHAP up the show as usual, the Know It Alls answer your questions: has the Keith edit started to turn a corner? What’s the move for Natalie, Baylor and Missy next week? And why don’t voted-for players get to revote in a three way tie? Plus, Rob and Stephen outline their power rankings heading into next week’s finale – it’s only on Survivor Know It Alls!

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