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The Latest Player Eliminated from King of the Nerds & Another Brandon Hantz Report

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On the latest edition of Rob Has a Podcast, Rob Cesternino brings you the latest new from the Reality TV world. First up, Rob talks to the latest player eliminated from King of the Nerds 2 on TBS, Zachary Storch. Then after speaking with Zack, Rob gets an update on the latest news from the fascinating world of Brandon Hantz from our embedded Hantz family reporter.

Interview with Zachary Storch from King Of the Nerds 2

Interview with Zach Storch from King of the Nerds

Rob gets a Team Midas Touch Zack Attack

Rob welcomes his favorite player from King of the Nerds 2 to the podcast for the very first time to talk about his elimination from the show this week. Rob asks Zack about a number of questions from the show including:

  • Does Zack take offense to Rob calling him a villain on King of the Nerds?
  • Were there any things that Zack’s teammates did during the show that really got on Zack’s nerves?
  • What is the status of the Bromance between Zack and Jack after Jack eliminated Zack in the Nerd Off?
  • How does Zack feel about Nicole after their love / hate relationship in the game?
  • Does Zack think that Kayla made a bad decision by selecting to send Zack in to the Nerd Off?
  • What did Zack think about the mind games that Chris tried to play with Zack last week?
  • Who or what is Twilly?
  • Does Zack always select scissors in Rock, Paper, Scissors?
  • What exactly are the poison numbers?
  • Will Zack consider learning to drive a car after the show?

Then catch the finale of King of the Nerds 2 this Thursday Night on March 13th on TBS

Our Latest Brandon Hantz Update (Starts at 24:50)

Rob Cesternino checks in Ryan Gaio, our RHAP Chief Hantz correspondent for an update an very eventful past few weeks in the life of Brandon Hantz.

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