Survivor Gamer Ken Hoang & Billy Garcia on Candice

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On this week’s Survivor episode of Rob Has A Podcast, we’ll talk to Ken Hoang from Survivor Gabon about the double elimination of Candice Woodcock and Danielle DiLorenzo on Survivor Heroes vs. Villains.  Rob Cesternino and Nicole Palmeri will then discuss all things Candice with fellow Cook Islands Survivor, Billy Garcia.  On this episode we’ll discuss:

Billy Garcia is on fire!

– After the surprising elimination of Danielle DiLorenzo, does Russell Hantz have a chance to win the game or is he doomed to not get the votes of the jury again?

– What exactly is going on with Colby Donaldson and how has he been able to remain in the game considering his surprisingly sluggish play?

– How did Rupert acquire the sudden strategic sense of Rupert Boneham of hiding a fake hidden immunity idol in his shorts?

– What was the back story that led Billy Garcia to fall head over heels for Candice?

– Why did Parvati Shallow and the women of the villains decide to end up splitting the votes for Candice Woodcock and Rupert Boneham?

It's me, Mario Hantz

Listen to find out what this picture has to do with today's show (courtesy of listener, Rob Costigan)

We’ll break it all down and get some great inside info about Survivor Gabon and Survivor Cook Islands.  It’s a Survivor podcast that is more fun that playing Super Smash Bros, it’s Rob Has A podcast!

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Colby Donadson, Gillain Larson & Rob Cesternino

Colby Donadson, Gillain Larson & Rob Cesternino
Rob Cesternino and Ken Hoang from Survivor

Rob Cesternino & Ken Hoang @ The Survivor 10-Year anniversary

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