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Kara Monaco Answers Questions About her Big Brother Eviction

Starting this week, the evicted Big Brother houseguests are no longer available for phone interviews. Luckilly, we are still able to ask questions to the departed Big Brother houseguests over email.

Kara Monaco, the former 2006 Playboy Playmate of the year, was the first player selected in the Big Brother draft by Dan Gheesling in the Big Brother draft. She was put on the block in the first week by Willie Hantz who wanted to hurt Dan by putting his strongest player up for eviction. In the end, the house voted to keep Frank Eudy in the house because he was seen as a player who would stand up more to Willie Hantz.

Here are the answers to the questions that we got to ask Kara Monaco.

Rob Cesternino: Kara, so sorry to lose you this early in the game. The vote ended up being much more of a referendum on Willie more than being anything about you. Since the house had turned on Willie, did you ever consider trying to separate yourself even more from Willie to try to help your cause.

Kara Monaco: Oh yeah. 100% – He nominated me. I wanted him out.

Rob: It seemed on the feeds that there a flirtation at times with both Shane and to a lesser degree, Mike Boogie. Do you attempt to use your womanly charms on either of these men to try to help your situation in the game?

Kara: No – I don’t think I did. I mean I am kind of a flirt anyways. So I will flirt but it is innocent.

Rob: How much did you feel like being selected by Dan ended up hurting your game? Do you think had you been selected by one of the other players you would still be in the game?

Kara: I don’t know if I was selected by the others if I would still be there. That is a huge possibility because I think I was a huge target because Dan was my coach. People seemed to be really scared and threatened by Dan.

Rob: What do you think of your coaches chances now that he is down to only having Danielle on his team?

Kara: You only need one person to win so I think he still has a good chance, hopefully!

Rob: What advice did Dan give you during this week and do you think it helped you?

Kara: In the beginning he told me to lay low. He was the one who advised I not talk to Willie. I think I should have talked to Willie one-on-one.

Rob: At any point this week, did you consider revealing your very impressive Playmate backstory to the house as something that could potentially help change the vote?

Kara: No – I didn’t really plan on telling that to the house. I just didn’t really want that kind of attention. That is why I chose not to tell people. I don’t’ know if telling them would have helped or hurt me. You just don’t know how people will take it.

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