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Just Say NO to 3-D

Something bad is happening.  Maybe not so much really bad as annoying.  3D television is coming.  I know what you’re thinking, “Rob, how could YOU be against 3D television?” and I guess, in theory, I am not.  I am against 3D glasses.

I have a number of problems with 3D movies (ranging from more expensive tickets, butter coated used glasses and the theatre’s assertion that I am trying to steal their stupid glasses), but I am willing to deal with this for the two-hour novelty of visiting the third dimension.  Now it appears that television is trying to make the leap to 3D sets and this is where I draw the line.

At first I was excited about the coming 3D revolution, but after talking to a few people, it has come to my attention that 3D glasses will be required for 3D television.  A certain number of glasses will be provided with your set that will allow you to watch your 3D show.  Now imagine if your friend with the 3D television invites people over for the game.  The chance are quite good that a few unlucky friends are going to be staring at a really blurry looking Peyton Manning (which is possibly an improvement).

Upon envisioning this horrible scenario, I thought that maybe everybody should just bite the bullet and buy their own set of 3D glasses.  However, each TV manufacturer will be using their own 3D technology.  So if you’re friend has a Samsung TV and you have Sony 3D glasses you will not be able to watch the show!

It is my proposal that 3D television be shelved until a technology is available that does not require the use of 3D glasses.  I will wait five years if I have to.  I encourage all Americans to take a stand with me against this technology invading our homes.  Like liberals in the house of representatives who voted against the health care bill for not doing enough, I reject 3D television because it is inconvenient and requires me to wear stupid glasses.

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