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Rob Cesternino is joined by the winner of Big Brother 4, Jun Song, to talk about the latest episode of Big Brother 15. Plus, live feed correspondent Brian Lynch reported on another wild weekend on the Big Brother feeds.

PART ONE:  Sunday Night Show Talk (2:27)

Rob starts with CBS using a disclaimer regarding the comments of the house guests.  He asks if this has happened before.  Jun acknowledges that racial differences are often the easiest to pick on when under such extreme pressure and there was some on her season but not to this extent.  Jun believes that casting went for extremely different people and this has caused major clashes.  Rob asks if anyone has ever been portrayed as evil as Aaryn and Jun does not recall.

Rob wants to know how Jun feels about the emotional response that GinaMarie has when Nick was voted out.  Jun feels that everyone should remember that they are playing a game for $500,000 and that someone needs to go home every week.  However, while Rob doesn’t want anyone to be in pain, he found GinaMarie’s reaction to be very entertaining.Rob recalled a few of GinaMarie’s best quotes as she ranted towards the other side of the house from the kitchen.

Rob felt it was not a good night for Kaitlyn. He wasn’t certain where the “mean girls” expected Jessie to go when Kaitlyn and Jeremy were attempting to force her out of the bed she has slept in since day one.  Jun points out that it sleeping in a certain bed is so important to you, then you are truly a douche.  However, Rob points out that Jeremy was being the voice of reason.  Jun found that ironic and understand where a person’s ego inflates when in the HOH room but was impressed that he was able to calm down so quickly. Jun also predicts that once Jeremy wins something again we will see the obnoxious side of Jeremy once again.

Rob is trying to comprehend why Aaryn would flip a bed when there didn’t seem to be enough to go around as it is.  Brian explains that there was really no other reason than that she wanted the bed.  When Candice comes in, she suggests that her bed not be flipped again.  Jun suggests that she would dump water onto someone mimicking her ethnicity, as Aaryn did in reaction to Candice.

Rob wants to know if we are in uncharted territory, watching racism live. Jun thinks we are and believes that CBS will include rules on racism for the future, but that they have nothing to rely on at this time.

Rob also wonders if bringing these issues to the forefront are a good or bad thing.  Jun sees both positive and negative points to this.

Rob asks Jun if it was the right thing to do to for Howard to carry Candice out of the room. Jun believes this is the best thing, otherwise he would be putting his game in jeopardy.  Rob And Jun feel it is best, as Howard did, to take the high road.

Then when Amanda came in to tell off the “mean girls” after “bed-gate”, it was a good thing for Amanda to try to portray herself in a better light.  Both Rob and Jun believe that Amanda is smart enough to figure out, through the diary room questions, that racism is a storyline. Jun reiterates that production does not tell house guest what to do. It us just not that hard to figure out the direction they are going with the show.

Jun likes McCrae and Amanda as a showmance since it is not totally based on lust.  They seem to have hit some sort of chord.  rob really likes them to the point that he would watch a sitcom about them.  Rob also finds Amanda very funny in the diary room.

Rob thought that things went well when McCrae told Amanda about the Moving Company.  Jun expected there to be more drama.  She also doesn’t think he is manipulative.  Jun wonders how the showman started.  Brian explains that McCrae stated that he likes a woman to dominate him and that was all the invitation Amanda needed.

Rob asks Jun if Aaryn’s apology to Candice was sincere.  Jun did not find it believable.  Rob thinks it will be interesting to see how life will be when these people leave the house.  Jun believes Aaryn will not learn from these experiences. Even if Aaryn lasts long in the game and stops making comments, Jun believes this situation will follow here in the real world for a long time.

Rob skips the have/have-not competition, staying consistent to his comments that he does not care who is on slop.  He does wonder how Howard was attempting but unable throw the competition.

Helen was Jun’s preseason favorite and and that there was going to be another Korean on the show.  So far Jun is happy with Helen but is holding out to see if all her talking is going to get her in trouble.  People will realize how smart she is but that this may bite her. Rob predicts that Helen will be about the 2nd person on the jury.

When Howard swears that he was not in the all guys alliance to Helen, after admitting that he was lying about his vote and that he would never lie again, Rob and Jun believe that he dug a deeper hole for himself. Jun would want Helen to understand, however, that the whole game is based on a big lie.

PART TWO: Live Show Spoilers (44:50)

Brian recaps the current situation in the house (nominees – Aaryn and Kaitlyn, MVP – Elisaa and MVP nomination – Spencer, POV winner – Kaitlyn). Rob wants to know if nominating Spencer was a good choice. Jun believes that it makes sense to put another Moving Company member up.  Jun does mention that the twitter-verse is debating if there was any diary room influence on Helen or Elissa. Jun again reiterates that the diary room does not influence the house guests.  They ask questions on both side of any issue. Jun believes that sometimes it is just easier to blame production for a decision.

Brian’s understands, currently, is that Kaitlyn will use the POV on herself and that Jeremy will be the replacement.  Jeremy is aware that he is going to be the replacement and has been surprisingly calm about it.  Rob suggests that Kaitlyn shouldn’t use it to save Jeremy and that the house may evict Aaryn rather than her.  Jun feels that anything can happen when on the block so it is best to save herself.

Next, Brian shares week three of his alliance chart.

Brian also relays more racist comments that have been occurring in the house.  Jun asks if Candice and Howard are together. Brian explains that they have been getting closer, first because they are drawn together against the racial comments but more and more they are also flirting.

Jessica Frey joins the conversation with questions from the audience.

Natalie Kuchik:  How much trouble is Howard still in with the house?  It wasn’t shown people wanted him out/ want to backdoor him.

Jun feels it is early  and that CBS will show more about this on Wednesday.  Jun does think he is in trouble now but that there is a lot of time.

Brian believes Helen is not going to put up Howard, that Helen and Howard have already talked out the lies.  Plus, the house has overwhelming sympathy for him.

puglover7276:  Will Helen’s early and strong game play eventually lead to her eviction?

Rob believes she is in trouble and could use some consulting from Jun.  Jun agrees that she is playing way too hard and will regret it later. If she does make it to the end, she does have a great jury speech but may not make it there.

Brian points out that McCrae is talking about Helen having HOH-itis.

aro327:  I’m listening late but the Amanda McCrae TV show is “Special Delivery”.

Jun likes it. Rob thinks it is pretty good.

Kim Moore:  Jun, being the original and greatest floater, what do you think of how floaters have been portrayed in modern Big Brother seasons?

Jun defines a floater as someone who floats through the game yet makes their own decisions for their own destiny; a masterful social manipulation.  She feels the term is now being misused.

Taylor Cotter @taylorcotter: Was Amanda cast to be Big Brother’s Corinne? 

Jun and Rob believe that Corinne and Amanda do play the same role.

Derrick Mitchell:  What are Jun’s thoughts on 2 guys evicted and probably a third; don’t think that has happened before.

Jun is pretty impressed and psyched by this.  She knows that Elissa went into the house wanting to create an all girls alliance but has seen Candice and Helen done more to make this happen.

Brian believes two men boots have started other seasons, but we are more than likely going to have a third.

sheena567:  What is going on with Judd and Jessie?  Are they an alliance?

Brian explains that Judd has openly stated he will not be in a showman but is also openly telling Jessie the opposite. Jessie is into it as she is getting her back rubbed.  Jun believes that Judd can come out of the friends zone with Jessie.

Cliff Stewart @CliffStewart1:  Aaryn is a dream to sit with at the final.  Phillip Shepard would beat hear the way she is coming off.

Jun is worried that someone will take her to the end but is pretty certain she would not have the votes to win.  Rob reminds Jun that she also took a blond with few friends to the end. Jun did wonder if CBS was replaying her season but believe there are a number of differences.

LPFREAK13: BB10 has two males being booted, but there has never been three males evicted to start the season.

Rob says this is good to know the answer to that trivia question.

thalonelygirl:  Jun is being too hard on Jessie.

Jun does not think so.

pixigirl888:  They should be called coasters because they do little else but coast through the game.

Jun kind of like this.  Rob suggests that floaters have been misused so much that the new term should be for the players like Jun. Brian believes any term will be misrepresented.

Ryan Shorter: Who do you think is most likely to realize that Amanda and McCrae have to be split up eventually?

rob hopes they are not found out.  Jun thinks it will be Judd.  Brian believes that Judd is a very smart play who will not be in any danger pre-jury.


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