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Vinny Leaves Jersey Shore After Pauly’s Necklace Comes Back

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Season Five of Jersey Shore is off to a flying start as America’s favorite guidos continue their summer on the beach. Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to discuss this week’s show which included Vinny Guadagnino finally quitting the show, Pauly D getting his diamond necklace stolen and plenty of other Jersey Shore shenanigans.

The biggest news was that Vinny finally left the show after allegedly diagnosing himself as having “anxiety”. Rob and Nicole believe that this is just another case of crybaby-itis on Reality TV. Vinny mopes around the house and on the boardwalk complaining about how tired he is and how he is not having any fun. Rob says that Vinny does not appear to be anxious at all and says that he is very happy that Vinny finally left. Rob doesn’t want to see Vinny return to the Jersey Shore house ever again and he should life out the rest of his days in exile from the Jersey Shore. However, Rob and Nicole both agree that Vinny will be back sooner than later.

Rob and Nicole were both disturbed at the romantic nature the Pauly D and Vinny relationship has taken.  Rob and Nicole believe that Vinny might really be in love with Pauly D.  Nicole was also very shocked to see Pauly D, Vinny and The Situation go out to get manicures and pedicures on this week’s episode.

The other big story from the new episode involved a girl that Pauly D ended up bringing back from the bar. Lending credence to Rob’s Theory Why Vinny really quit from this week’s live show, Pauly D ends up bringing this girl to the smoosh room.  After the fun was over, Pauly D goes to call this girl a cab, but while Pauly D is on the phone, the girl swipes Pauly D’s gold and diamond necklace.  The next day the girl comes to the house wearing the necklace and returns it to Pauly D.  Rob and Nicole debate what actually happened.  Nicole thinks after she stole the necklace, her friends talked her into returning it because of the cameras.  Rob thinks that the girl may have received a call from production telling her to return the necklace.

Finally Rob and Nicole discuss the details of the smoosh room, whether Jionni is a worthwhile addition to the cast and if the Deena Nicole experiment has been a success in it’s third season on an all-new Jersey Shore podcast.

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