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Jersey Shore: Regarding Arvin

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Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to talk about the latest episode of Jersey Shore.  In this Jersey Shore podcast, Rob and Nicole will explore:

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Why did Rob get this sent to his house?

– How did the Situation do at this week’s Roast of Donald Trump?

– Why is the Situation such a prankster and what did he gain by letting J-Woww’s dogs go to the bathroom in the house?

– How did Vinny do at spray tanning?

– Was Roger really cheating on J-woww?

– How did Snooki do as a mime?

– And ultimately who was at fault for Arvin-gate.  Sammi Sweetheart?  The Situation?  Ronnie? Arvin?

It’s a Jersey Shore podcast that’s more fun than a night at Jenkinsons… it’s Rob Has a Podcast


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