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The Latest from Big Brother, Jersey Shore & Is Lindsay Lohan Dating a Survivor?

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It’s been almost a month since Rob Cesternino and Nicole last recorded a Friggin 5 podcast, but they’re back to talk about the 5 things that are most on their minds including some new theme music for the Friggin 5 podcast. On this episode we hear:

[9:50] #1. Big Brother Talk – We’re picking up where we left off on Big Brother with Daniele Donato becoming the new HOH and deciding to spare Brendon and Rachel and put Adam and Shelly on the block. We talk about Shelly’s meltdown and whether Daniele made the right decision to not nominate Brenchel. Plus we explore Nicole’s sudden love for Rachel.

[30:40] #2. Jersey Shore 4 – Love is in the air in the Jersey Shore house.  Deena Nicole is still looking to hook up with Pauly D.  The Situation is still trying to hook up with Snooki and then tries to snuggle with Deena Nicole, only to be turned down.  And just when will Ronnie and Sammi get back together?

[41:00] #3. Ozzy Dating Lindsay Lohan? – Some recent reports and pictures have shown Survivor contestant Ozzy Lusth and Lindsay Lohan out together in Hollywood.  Are Ozzy and Lindsay Lohan dating and is this a good thing for either of them?

[47:00] #4. TV News – Big Changes are coming to the CBS Daytime TV series, The Talk. Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini will not be returning. Why does Rob think he is the perfect fit to join Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne on the show. Plus, a new study reveals that watching an hour of television can shorten people’s lives by 22 minutes.

[56:10] #5. Your Questions and Comments – We take your questions including a number of different Ding/Marry/Kills, some discussion of the upcoming Austin Powers 4 movie and a few Jersey Shore and Big Brother questions.

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