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We say “Arrivederci” to Jersey Shore 4 and “Hello” to a New Celebrity Apprentice Cast

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After another season of debauchery and fighting, Jersey Shore season 4 came to an end this week. Rob and Nicole recap everything that went down in the finale and over the course of the fourth Jersey Shore season in Italy and discuss the newly named cast of Celebrity Apprentice 5. On this episode we’ll discuss:

– The Situation has become the self proclaimed villain of the Jersey Shore. Did the other roommates make the Situation the villain or did he do it to himself?

– How did Snooki and Deena Nicole end up coming off in the end of this season. What can we expect from Snooki next season?

– How will the room assignments affect the roommates in Jersey Shore season 5?

– What do Rob and Nicole think of the new cast of Celebrity Apprentice 5 which includes Clay Aiken, Adam Carolla, George Takei and more!

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