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Jersey Shore 2: Gym, Tan, Laundry, Podcast

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It’s time to fist pump again as Jersey Shore returns for a second season of Jersey Shore returns on MTV. Rob Cesternino and Nicole Palmeri talk all about this weeks triumphant return of America’s favorite guidos. On this episode we talk about:

– The producers decision to have Angelina return to the show and what her being in the house means to Snooki, J-Woww and Sammi Sweatheart.

– How has fame affected our favorite guidos, specifically The Situation and Snooki, and how will that affect Jersey Shore 2.

– Why does Rob say that Sammi Sweatheart is the worst person in the world and how long will it take for Sammi Sweatheart and Ronnie to get back together.

It’s a Jersey Short podcast so good, you’ll have Ron Ron juice coming out your nose. It’s Rob Has a Jersey Shore podcast!

And as always, we love to hear your comments, so join the conversation and let us know what you think below or connect with us directly via twitter: @robcesternino and @nicoleluvsshoes

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