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Friggin 5: Jenna and Ethan on The Amazing Race, Snooki Boyfriend Drama on Jersey Shore and Internship News

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Rob and Nicole are back and so is the Friggin 5 things that we’re dying to talk about. On this week’s edition, we talk about:

[4:45] 1. The Amazing Race – Friends of Rob and Nicole, Jenna Morasca and Ethan Zohn made their debut on the new season of the Amazing Race becoming the second former Survivor couple to do so. How did Jenna and Ethan do on the first leg of the race. Plus, we’ll discuss Passport-gate as the team of Vegas showgirls Kaylani and Lisa lost Kaylani’s passport at a gas station. We’ll discuss how twitter was able to save the day for one Amazing Race team. Plus Rob and Nicole give their thoughts on some other standout teams including Liz and Marie, Laurence and Zac, Amani and Marcus and of course, Bill and Cathi.

[28:20] 2. Snooki’s Week on Jersey Shore – It’s been a wild season in Italy for everybody’s favorite gang of guidos… but this week was all about Snooki. We’ll discuss her car accident with the police car, her prank to put a grenade in The Situation’s bed and all the drama that happened when her boyfriend Jionni came to visit. Did Jionni overreact to seeing Snooki naked at the club or does that come with the territory of dating Snooki?

[41:15] 3. Rob Has an Internship – As discussed during the last Survivor podcast, Rob Has a Podcast is looking for interns to help out with the “production” of the podcasts.  The interns will help gather all of the best comments, tweets and gossip they can for Rob and Nicole to discuss on the show.  Rob and Nicole discuss how the intern process will work and explain how to apply to be an intern for the show.

[48:10] 4. Reality Roundup – Nicole has the latest details of what’s going on with Parvati Shallow on Around the World for Free.  Nicole tells us how Parvati is recovering from surgery on her wrist from an injury she had in Africa.  Plus, Rob discusses a blind item involving some sexually inappropriate behavior of a male host of a popular reality show.

[58:30] 5. Your Questions and Comments – Rob and Nicole check out the questions asked by you guys on our Facebook page, play a little ding/marry/kill and discuss a few random topics.

It’s a Friggin 5 that is pretty amazing… it’s Rob Has a Podcast.

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