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Friggin 5: Around the World with Jenna Ethan, Jersey Shore, Parvati & Bosoton Rob

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Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back with the latest edition of the Friggin 5 podcast on this edition Rob and Nicole will discuss the following:

[8:00] 1) The Amazing Race – Jenna Morasca and Ethan Zohn were eliminated this week during a double elimination Amazing Race episode. Rob tells us who he blames for his former Survivor castmates elimination on The Amazing Race. Plus, Rob and Nicole discuss some of their other favorite standout teams from this season of The Amazing Race.

[23:05] 2) Jersey Shore – Snooki is once again the center of all the attention as Jersey Shore season 4 continues in Italy. Snooki continues the drama of her visit from Jionni throughout the episode. Later on after a night of nostalgia for Karma in Jersey, The Situation professes his love for Snooki. Best of all, Snooki ends up having sex with Vinny all in the same night. We’ll discuss where this season has ranked in terms of Jersey Shore seasons.

[36:15] 3) Survivors Around the World – Nicole has an update on what Parvati Shallow is up to in her quest to get Around the World for Free. Nicole lets us know how Parvati will be spending the final few days of her trip. Then we’ll talk about Boston Rob Mariano’s new show, Around the World in 80 ways. See what Rob and Nicole thought of the premiere episode and Rob’s quest to get to Titticacca.

[47:15] 4) The NBC Survivor Stealing Conspiracy – As first explained by Billy Garcia, apparently NBC wants to steal Survivor from CBS. Rob’s crack team of interns have put together a number of clues to reveal that Billy Garcia is on to the truth. Plus Rob and Nicole discuss the upcoming Arrested Development movie and return to TV.

[57:25] 5) Your Questions and Comments – Rob and Nicole answer the listener questions regarding a number of topics including Ghosts, wrestling, Football and a possible sex tape from Tupac Shakur.

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