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How Jason Somerville Won $1.3 Million This Weekend

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Listen to the Podcast:

This is a special podcast with friend of the podcast and poker pro, Jason Somerville, who was introduced on RHAP back in May.  He is one of the top poker pros out there and he’s teaching people to play poker on his YouTube channel.

Jason is back on the podcast and he became $1.3 million richer over the weekend.  Jason was part of the Super High Roller Tournament at the Bellagio and came home with a total cash prize of $1,327,000.  Jason says June-July for poker players is the busiest and most exciting time of the year.  His summer has been good but he claims it has gone way, way better over the weekend.

Jason says the World Series of Poker is going on right now.  It’s like the super bowl of poker, $10,000 buying and paying out $10 million for first place this year.  Jason thinks it’s absurd asking what other activity has 8,000 people that are willing to pay $10,000 to enter.  He can’t think of a sport that pays more than $10 million for winning.

The tournament that happened over the weekend in Bellagio was not part of the World Series of Poker.  It was just a $100,000 buying tournament for fun.  They were only expecting 36 players.  His friend actually convinced him to play at Bellagio telling him that there are a bunch of business guys playing.  Rob asks if these business guys don’t really know what they’re doing and if Jason played so he could clean these guys out.  Jason explains that these guys aren’t really bad players and they may even be dangerous because they have the money to burn and $100,000 for Jason is much more significant  than it is for these guys.

Jason further explains how it works by letting us imagine that there are 87 entries in the tournament and each person that buys in is given one lottery ticket.  Jason as a player made better decisions than his opponents,; he had maybe 1.2 lottery tickets and those guys making worse decisions probably had 0.8 lottery tickets.

Initially, they only expected 30-40 players.  By the end, there were about 87 entries into the tournament with a prize pool of $8.7 million which is just crazy for a one-day tournament, and it paid 11 spots.  Jason describes the first part of the tournament as very tough for him.  He was at a table with the top players in the world and surrounded by the best players in poker from America and Europe.

Rob asks Jason if the game gets any harder by the hour and Jason says there is definitely a stamina edge for the younger guys. Cheerers may also impact how you play the game especially if you’re head-to-head against someone who has 40 cheerers shrieking behind him.  It wasn’t the case for this particular game in Bellagio, though.

He ended the tournament with 13 starting stacks (each starting stack worth $100k) and he basically cashed them out for $1.3 million.

Jason also talks about his previous best days of winning aside from this one, which was a pretty insane 16-hour session.  After the game, Jason and his friends went to a buffet and he had some salad.  Rob comments that it was the worst victory meal.  People have been asking what he is going to do with all the money.  He says he’s probably going to gamble for more money which is what most poker players usually do.

Jason hopes to win $10M in the upcoming event which is the biggest one.  Rob tells him not to be greedy.  Jason asks Rob when he’s going to start coaching him and Rob says he’s going to start to become nervous and lose his money.  Jason volunteers to invest in Rob so if he loses, he’s only losing money for Jason. Jason has actually coached UFC fighter Martin Kampmann who won $40k for a 2-day tournament a month ago.

Finally, Rob praises Jason for what he’s doing at the table and online.  Jason says it’s easy when you do what you want to do and that kind of freedom is why Jason is attracted to poker.

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