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Janelle Pierzina on Being Shown the Big Brother Backdoor

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One of the greatest Big Brother players of all-time as well as one of the all time fan favorites, Janelle Pierzina was evicted from the Big Brother house. On the morning after her eviction, Janelle spoke with Rob Cestenino about her time in the Big Brother 14 house.

While Janelle started the game as a coach, she found herself as a player in the game after last week’s big twist where America gave the coaches the opportunity to step into the game. When Danielle won HOH, it looked as though the coast was clear for Janelle, but after Mike Boogie spoke to Frank, he came up with a plan to get Janelle out of the house. With the Silent Six alliance formed, Danielle nominated Janelle at the the veto ceremony to backdoor her. Thursday night, Janelle was evicted from the Big Brother house with only Joe voting for her to stay.

Rob asked Janelle what she’s learned since being kicked out of the house and she said that she has not had any contact with the outside world yet. When asked for which player betrayed her the most, Janelle is clear that she feels like Britney double crossed her the worst. Janelle does not understand why her own players from her team like Wil and Ashley didn’t vote to keep her safe this week.

Janelle has no love lost for Mike Boogie and thinks that he has an issue of playing the Big Brother game with women. Janelle says that she never trusted Mike Boogie and would’ve put him up on the block if she (or one of her players) would’ve become the HOH this week. Janelle also said that she is rooting for Dan to win the game and thinks Dan will beat any other opponent in the final 2.


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