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Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino recap the series premiere of “I Wanna Marry Harry” on FOX.  The show is about an ordinary Brit named Matt with an uncanny resemblance to Prince Harry.  The show sets up an elaborate ruse in which 12 American women are led to believe that Matt is actually Prince Harry and the women are on a Bachelor-type program looking to find love with the Prince.

Originally, the show was scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, May 27th but FOX decided to move up the premiere to try to launch it off the back of the first night of the American Idol finale on May 20th.

Rob & Nicole’s Review of The “I Wanna Marry Harry” Premiere

Overall, Rob and Nicole were in agreement about the series.  In a nutshell, this show is a reboot of the Joe Millionaire series that was a breakout hit on FOX back in 2003.  On that show a lowly construction worker pretended to be a wealthy millionaire on a quest for True Love.  While Joe Millionaire 2 was a bust, Rob has felt for some time that enough time had passed to attempt Joe Millionaire again.

Rob likes the idea of the setup of the show but didn’t agree with the execution.  At times, Rob felt like the premiere episode was slow spending too much time with Matt’s concern that he may not be able to pull this scam off and too much time with the women wondering if he really was Prince Harry.

The show postulates that Matt is actually involved with this production because he is looking to find true love and this is the way he is going about it.  The narrator presents this production as a social experiment to see if these woman will be able to accept Matt as the perfect man once they reveal that he is NOT Prince Harry.  While the premiere dragged on in the middle, both Rob and Nicole felt like the show ended in an interesting place.  Rob and Nicole are curious to see just how catty the competition gets now that they women realize what is going on (supposedly).

Another thing that Rob liked was the way in which the elimination was handled.  Rather than have “Harry” give away a crown or a scepter each week, two women were selected – one marked for elimination and the other set to move into a suite across the hall from “Harry”.  The camera maintained a tight shot on “Harry” as the two conversations were intercut leaving us to wonder which woman was hearing the bad news.

Overall, the show left Rob a bit nostalgic for some of the trashier reality shows that have been on FOX over the last 10 years.  Rob waxes on about the golden age of trashy FOX reality shows which included (in addition to Joe Millionaire): Temptation Island, Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire, The Swan, The Littlest Groom, Mr. Personality and Who’s Your Daddy?

Let us know your thoughts about the show and decide if you’d like to hear more coverage of how it all goes down.

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