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I, Spencer – 06/09/13

This blog will be shorter than usual, but like the stoner in Dazed and Confused said, ‘Its quality not quantity!” I feel like I entered an alternate Big Brother universe tonight, but not a good universe but a, “Biff Tannen stole the sports almanac and F’d up the world in a major way” sort of universe. What was Elissa doing? Maybe Elissa was going for the old “Departed” strategy like she’s Leonardo DiCaprio and she was really working undercover? Seriously, all the fans in the, “Elissa is really smarter than she’s letting on” camp took a major hit tonight when Julie Chen asked Elissa who between Andy and Mccrae voted out Amanda and Elissa said it was Mccrae. It was such a horrendous answer that it completely through Julie off her game, as she almost started laughing and had a “Are you this stupid” look in her eyes.

Amanda goes quietly into the night. I really feel like she got much easier questions from Julie than Aaryn did. If Aaryn was a 10 out of 10 on the racist, offensive chart, Amanda was right behind her at an 8, but Julie didn’t hit Amanda with direct quotes of things she had said like she did to Aaryn, which if she did, she could have embarrassed Amanda almost as bad as she did Aaryn, maybe CBS is admitting they should have handled the Aaryn interview differently.

 Spoilers now so stop here if you like 🙁

Spencer has won HOH. Spencer has been the I, Claudius this season. For those of you not familiar with I, Claudius, it is about former Roman emperor Claudius and how he came to power after his whole life being viewed as weak. His whole life he was treated with zero respect and watched on as the people in power always turned on each other and assassinated one another, till finally there was nobody left and Claudius becomes Emperor.  Spencer has been viewed as weak and not fit to be the power in the house. The whole time he has been there, he has watched previous emperor’s Jeremy ,Helen and Amanda all succumb to their lust for power and ultimately led to their downfall. This will be an easy week for the new emperor unless something “crazy” happens like McCrae winning POV or Pandora’s Box.  Lets move on to the Exterminators! The Exterminators is Big Brother’s version of a CBS mid-season replacement sitcom with C-list stars. This alliance isn’t exactly like Band of Brothers where each member would take a bullet for one another, but more like a group of desperate, bottom of the food chain players getting together to save themselves in the short term. Obviously this was smart, but really it’s only a two week alliance. McCrae is the next target of the exterminators, but if he avoids/gets himself off the block, who will the exterminators turn on first?

Let’s take a look:

Now that we have taking care of that, Mccrae can get back down to business here. Mccrae has the POV of his life coming up. If he can win that POV the game will be thrown back on its head as the exterminators will have to turn on each other. I have a strong feeling that this POV is going to be geared towards “Minnesota pizza delivery history”, or aDominos Noid competition: McCrae needs to step up and win this competition to make this week interesting and the rest of the game interesting. McCrae’s last great moment came in week one, now he has the opportunity to redeem himself for making every man in this country ashamed of him for how he acted with Amanda, all the crying, all the weakness. Here is your shot at redemption McCrae!

  • Andy would appear to be in a great position now, as he has the exterminators and McCrae, who I don’t think knows that Andy was the one to vote out Amanda, so he has McCrae as well? I really think know that Amanda is going to poison the jury for Andy, so at this point he maybe playing for second place. I think Andy made the right move voting off Amanda, but the Big Brother jury’s the past couple of years have shown that they can be a bitter bunch.  I think the only person Andy could beat in the finals is Ginamarie and maybe Judd if the jury decides that Judd already got voted out and doesn’t deserve to win.
  • Judd, winning POV in the double eviction might have critically wounded his chances at winning this game as he did not save the one person you know will be a bitter jury member in Elissa. I like Judd  a lot, but the more I see him the more I think he talks and acts like Hunter S. Thompson on mescaline

He just doesn’t make any sense sometimes and he’s really hard to read. I think that Judd needs to win from here on out to build his resume to the Jury.

  • Ginamarie-Nobody’s stock has rising  in this game like Ginamarie’s. If you bought Ginamarie stock six weeks ago you are rich now! Ginamarie will probably be on the block next to McCrae, and could be in danger if McCrae wins POV. All in all a pretty good effort from Ginamarie this season.

There is a “calm before the storm vibe” right now in the house. If McCrae can pull a Dr. Richard Kimble and escape the block with a POV victory then we will get to see some serious back stabbing. I will be rooting for the pizza delivery boy for the first time since week 1!

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