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Big Brother’s Dan Gheesling Reveals How to Get on Reality TV

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Dan Gheesling was the winner of Big Brother 10 but now has shifted his attention to teaching others how to get on reality television. In Dan’s new book “How to Get on Reality TV: The Complete Step by Step Guide”, Dan goes into detail about every step in the process of getting on to a reality tv show.  Dan joins Rob Cesternino to talk about the process on a special podcast.

Making Your Tape – Dan takes us through the steps to making a successful reality television audition tape.  Dan says that it’s very important to control the message on your audition tape and not to spend too much time how you’re such a big fan of the show.  Rob agrees that your tape is 100% a marketing piece for yourself.  The guys discuss why it’s better to show the casting executives things about your personality rather than just tell them.

Phone Interviews – We discuss the first phone call that you get from a casting producer and the best strategy to win them over.  Dan recommends drinking several Red Bulls before any one of these calls.

Casting Semi-Finals – What is the best way to approach the semi-final round of casting?  Dan describes what will happen when you meet the casting producers for the first time and how to make it through to the final rounds of casting.

Casting Finals in Los Angeles – For the final round of Reality TV show casting, Dan talks you through what you can expect on your weeklong stay in Los Angeles.  Rob shares some stories from his experiences with the CBS executives in the casting finals before his first stint on Survivor.

Finally, Dan takes your questions from our Facebook fan page and tries to give some specific advice for our listeners on how they may be able to someday appear on Reality TV.

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