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How Big Brother 12 Became The Matt Show

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It’s an all new Big Brother podcast and this time Rob Cesternino and Nicole Palmeri are on opposite sides of the country – joined together by their love of podcasting about Big Brother. On this episode we discuss…

– How did the show start to revolve so much about Matt. In one week he lied about his girlfriend being sick, got nominated, got into a big fight and ultimately became the new HOH. Is there any chance that he could win the game?

– Who has become Rob’s new favorite houseguest?

– What prophecy from last week’s show came true?

– Why has Rob joined Nicole in not liking Rachel and Brendon?

– Why does Rob lose his temper when reading your comments from the last show?

And as always, we love to hear your comments, so join the conversation and let us know what you think below or connect with us directly via twitter: @robcesternino and @nicoleluvsshoes


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