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Hoping Elissa Brings Balance to the Force – 08/23/13

Ok, we got ourselves a game now…..hopefully. This will be a spoiler-ish blog tonight so read on if your cool with that!  First though, let’s pay our respects to the Don, Helen. Helen should have taking her shot at Amanda when she had her chance, but she got to cute and karma bit her in the jugular. She was the biggest power in the house for the majority of this season, now the power has gone to Amanda,  

but for how long? Helen will be remembered as a strong player and having thee most awkward, horrible celebration movies since this :

Let’s give out some congratulations before we move on to the “analysis”.  Congrats to Aaryn for playing HOH for Amanda and taking out her own potential allies every step of the way, a rare feat. Congrats to Julie Chen, who looked happy for the first time this season, maybe they shot her up with enough “happy” pills to kill a horse. Congrats to Robin Williams, who I guess had a law passed that his new horrible show(Im guessing) has to be apart of every Big Brother episode commercial rotation, even though he hasn’t been in anything good since he was telling Matt Damon “ It’s not your fault…..It’s not your fault”.

Spoiler Alerts coming up next! :

e24-elissa That was eight weeks ago![/caption]
  • Elissa, for the love of god, go after Amanda/McCrae and not Aaryn for some petty girl comment she made eight weeks ago. If Elissa is truly going to play Big Brother then this is the time, the day and the moment for her to make this move and stick Amanda and McCrae on the block together. She is going to get pressured by the other side of the house to put up some combination of Spencer/Ginamarie/Aaryn/Judd. The only alternative I see her making to the Amanda/McCrae scenario is her taking her revenge on Aaryn, for a crime I don’t remember, maybe someone can remind me, maybe she will blame Aaryn for Helen going home? Elissa the past few weeks has had that “highly medicated look” in her eyes, so who the hell knows how she will play this. Nothing would be better than seeing Amanda on the block this week. I think the pressure to put up Aaryn from the 3 AM crew will be tough for Elissa to get through, but a guy can hope can’t he?
  • Amanda. The new Don’s reign looks like it’s going to last as long as Sonny Corleone’s reign did in the first Godfather. Amanda has rising to the top of the power food chain without winning a damn thing, which says a lot about her abilities to control the other houseguest out of fear or whatever word you want to use to describe it bully, confrontational, offensive.  Amanda’s worst case scenario would be to be on the block with McCrae, any other scenario and she has a chance. The move that Amanda will push for is getting Aaryn and/or Spencer on the block. Amanda is smart enough to know that Elissa will not put up Judd, so she has to make Elissa think that Spencer and/or Aaryn has to go up. If Amanda survives this week, than she might just win this thing, which would be…………………gross.
  • McCrae has not really had to play with any sort of stress in his life this whole season. Mccrae is the most interesting  person to watch this week, because it’s hard enough playing Big Brother on your own, but playing with your wife as well makes things really complicated when the heat is on. Mccrae seems to have better relationships in the house then Amanda, which that statement is nominated for the “Understatement of the year” award. If he ends up on the block with Amanda will he have to campaign? Again, Mccrae has not been in danger once this season, so will he snap out of the spell that Amanda has cast over him and stab her in the back to save his hide?  Maybe Mccrae can show us some skills and find a way to manipulate Elissa into making a move on Aaryn. This week might give McCrae the opportunity to show everybody how good of a social player he is in this game.
  • Andy – The snake got called out earlier this week and he looked scared. When Andy is stressed or confronted by someone he makes a face like a dude that has just been told that the random girl he hooked up with one time and doesn’t know at all, is pregnant. Andy for the majority of the season appeared to play so down the middle, but now seems so married to the idea that his path to victory is with Amanda, which I don’t understand because it seems to me that Andy has potentially three or four other paths that can take him to the finals. I get that Amanda/McCrae may be his best chance to the final three, but in that scenario neither of those two would take him with them if it is a two person final.  For Amanda/Mccrae to survive this week, their best chance might be Andy slithering his way into Elissa’s head.  I think Andy could get Elissa to put up Aaryn, but I think that is it. With all that being said, Andy still appears very safe no matter what happens this week. For as weak as Andy has played this season, he might actually be in the best position to win the game now, as nobody appears to have him on the top of their “evict list”.
  • Aaryn – The sins of her early Big Brother life may come back to bite Aaryn in the butt this week. Aaryn needs to pray that Elissa uses her noggin and targets Amanda/Mccrae. The whispers in the air appear to be saying that Aaryn is in real danger right now. Aaryn played HOH for Amanda in all of her HOH reigns and now it has left her in peril. Aaryn if nothing else has shown that she can win competitions and so winning POV if she ends up on the block may be her only way to survive this week. It’s really strange how things have played out for Aaryn, as if she would have gotten evicted four weeks ago at the height of her racist, un-likeability she would have gone home with the world angry at her, but since then the heat has slowly shrunk around her and although she will still (fairly) have a lot to answer to, it probably won’t be nearly as bad as it would have been. So I guess if nothing else she bought herself some time for America to forget about her previous racist outburst.


    Where did that bus come from?

  • Ginamarie is going to be thrown under the bus by all the power players in the house this week, which she will be utterly clueless about I would guess. At this point she really does not deserve to be in the house in my humble opinion, because she no clue what’s happening around her. With that being said, anything that keeps her and her awful 1936 New York accent out of that awful orphanage away from that evil Miss Hannigan is a win for Ginamarie at this point I guess.
  • Judd is very happy that Elissa won HOH, as I think any other person would have had him on the block it would seem. Judd has to find a way to scoop up Aaryn, Ginamarie and Spencer and then he may not be in a terrible position. I hope he doesn’t just come into the house and immediately become submissive to Amanda. Nothing will make me happier than if Judd came into the house like this :

I don’t think he will, but he should!!

  • Spencer needs to avoid the block this week, which has been a struggle for our portly friend the past 86 weeks it feels like. Spencer has shown he knows what is happening around the house at all times, so hopefully he will join forces with Judd and encourage Judd to help Elissa pull the trigger on Amanda/McCrae. Spencers name will also come up like Ginamarie’s from Amanda/Mccrae as a target they want on the block, so Spencer needs to make this the week that he takes the first steps towards playing aggressive like he did the first two weeks of this season.

This feels like the first week since the very first episode that we really don’t know what will happen this week.  Elissa having the HOH power makes this a must watch week, because anytime somebody with power has the mental stability of Brad Pitt in Twelve Monkeys, it makes any scenario possible, which has been sorely lacking this season of Big Brother.  I think I’m in the majority when I say that I want to see Amanda and Mccrae have to fight to stay in the game this week.  So in the immortal words of the Stoner Guy in Dazed and Confused “Check you later” I will see you guys Monday!

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