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The Glass House: Alex Stein Goes Prime Time with Rob

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As recapped by master recapper, Amy  (Follow @RHAPRecapper on Twitter)

Right after this week’s new episode of The Glass House on ABC, Rob Cesternino is back to discuss whether America decided to return Alex Stein to the Glass House from limbo or not. Rob is fired up at the start of this episode, utterly dumbfounded that America did not vote to save Primetime Alex Stein. Rob found Alex’s exit very anticlimactic, especially after all the promos this week extolling his villainous virtues. Rob speculates that The Bachelorette audience couldn’t handle Alex’s antics.

As Rob was expressing his outrage that America would send his favorite player from The Glass House home, Rob received a call. On the other end was none other than Primetime Alex Stein himself to talk about being sent from limbo by America this week.

First up, famed live tweeter Benry’s Bongwater calls in ready to lose his videocall virginity, and he has suited up for the occasion. However, he doesn’t last long. He is interrupted by THE Primetime Alex Stein 99, calling in to the show for an exclusive first interview. He chose Rob for his first interview because of his unflinching support and their shared reality TV background. Rob asks Alex what went wrong.  Alex describes his feud with Joy Glass over whether she truly a stripper because of her work for Playboy. Alex aslo describes his relationship with Erica with whom he also got into a fight. Primetime Alex Stein said that people can follow him on twitter as @AlexStein99

Alex is confused as to why he went home and feels he was robbed. Primetime is sure that the Glass House ratings will take a nosedive now that he’s off the show. Rob consoles Alex by saying “True greatness is not appreciated until it’s gone.”

Alex hints that this isn’t the last you’ll see of Primetime Alex Stein. He reveals that the other players were “scared to death” when they saw him coming up the tube– Joy was almost crying. Alex said all of his actions were for the fans and he had zero doubt he was coming back in, so he was very shocked to be sent back down the tube. Rob thinks Alex was screwed by Jacob quitting. Alex does not have a high opinion of Joy, but he admits that he shouldn’t have taken shots at Erica’s weight. He also says his elimination was the closest vote in the history of Glass House voting (Recapper’s note: that may be because it’s been the only vote to date). Alex agrees with Rob that the abc.com voting process was too cumbersome and he understands why people didn’t sign up for accounts to vote. Alex is sure that if he had stayed in the house he would have accomplished his goal of making it on “The Soup” each week. He also claims he would have had a showmance with Holly (who he hopes people will vote for to stay this week).

Next, in a RHAP first, Rob and Primetime 99 collaborate on a freestyle rap (Alex on vocals, Rob on beatbox). Alex does not have immediate plans to release a rap album, but he is doing standup comedy in LA and he’s ready and willing to do an in-studio appearance on Rob Has a Podcast. Alex points out that an outside company was handling the voting so ABC couldn’t rig it, but he thinks the producers would have saved him if they could have. Alex also gives his thoughts on who he thinks could win Glass House, and provides insight into some of Andrea’s and Ashley’s beliefs. In closing, Alex says he doesn’t care if you love him or hate him– he just wants to entertain. Rob says he appreciates Alex’s efforts to keep things fun and interesting and dubs this “the Summer of 99.”

Next up is Live Feed Correspondent Curt Clark, ready to cover the Glass House live feeds from all ankles…er, angles. He breaks down the live feed schedule and highlights some differences between the Big Brother and Glass House live feeds. On Glass House the players are very aware that they being watched and judged, so it’s their time to put on their best face for America. There’s not much strategy talk going on, although the feeds did show players speculating about which player quit in Limbo. When Rob inquires if anything interesting happened on the live feeds, Curt is at a loss. He found keeping up with the feeds to be an arduous endeavor. Curt describes one of the segments in which players can answer questions for America, such as “What’s your biggest regret?” Holly consistently gave very pageanty answers to the point where the robo-host started cutting her off. Overall, the feeds do not show much of the real interactions that fans tend to enjoy on Big Brother live feeds, so Rob doesn’t feel very compelled to watch them. Rob doesn’t understand why they are showing so many “busywork”-type challenges, when viewers really want to see drama. Did producers learn nothing from BB1?  Is anyone really cracking up over Jeffrey cracking 200 eggs? Curt points out that players’ twitter feeds give better glimpses into their personalities than the live feeds. Curt admits he is Erica’s number one fan and that he’s leading the #TeamErica brigade with aspirations that she’ll find him on twitter for a date after the show. Rob and Curt also discuss what it means to be a Reality TV villain. It remains to be seen whether Curt Clark will continue to slog through the live feeds for you, the RHAP audience, or if has he already put on his givey-uppey face.

Curt gives an update on the Big Brother Top 14 voting before signing off and then it’s high time for Benry’s Bongwater to come back on. He’s still dapperly dressed and says he’s upset about Alex’s exit, but even moreso that he wasn’t given any parting words. The next video caller is Erik Benjamin. Initially he was excited to see if Apollo could improve on Sean Kenniff’s alphabet strategy, but he’s no longer impressed with his flimsy card strategy. Erik thinks the only way for ABC to redeem themselves is to make Alex Stein the new host.

Rob wraps up the show with some RHAPid-fire viewer questions. He then breaks computer screens across Cesternation by closing with a demonstration of his Glass House voting move. You’ve been warned.


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