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Primetime Alex Stein Returns to the Glass House and Rob Has a Podcast

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Primetime Alex Stein 99 is joining Rob to discuss his return to the Glass House. He says he was in the house for about 30 minutes, but they edited him to appear much nicer than he actually was. He had to meet with attorneys before he went in there and said Ori had to keep telling him to be on his best behavior. Alex tells Rob some of the things he did that ABC didn’t air. For example, he told all the players the ratings were bad, and that’s why they had to bring Primetime 99 back. He also messed with them by saying he was on the covers of magazines.

Rob and Alex talk about how there’s no game and no strategy in Glass House, and it’s very predictable. They also talk about Erica’s weight trajectory and Alex’s success with women outside the house.

No Rob Has a Web Show appearance by Alex Stein is complete without an epic stunt. This time Alex snorts a line of Strawberry Nesquik. [Do not try this at home.] He feels so fired up, he’s ready to write screenplays and message ex-girlfriends. Alex also gives his thoughts on Big Brother. Then Primetime’s comedian roommates Grant (@grantcotter) and Nick (@nickcedergren) make an appearance.

Women in the LA area should send Rob a tweet (@robcesternino) if they want to go on a date with Alex Stein. He promises to treat you to a nice dinner and you can appear on RHAP to discuss the date afterward.

Before he signs off, Primetime talks a little Fantasy Football with Rob and answers some viewer questions.

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