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The Big Brother All-Stars Throw Stones at the Glass House Premiere

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As recapped by master recapper, Amy H. (Follow @RHAPRecapper on Twitter)

Rob is joined by Matt Hoffman and Evel Dick Donato to discuss Glass House. They start off by discussing the living quarters. Matt likes the quirkiness of the Big Brother house, but all agree the Glass House is nicer. Dick compares it to the Big Brother UK house. They also discuss the contestants’ entrances and Matt calls B.S. on Holly (who arrives in a mask) claiming she’s a “real girl.” Dick asserts that Glass House is a blatant rip-off of Big Brother, but Rob wonders if the rivalry will end up being a good thing for Big Brother (like Pepsi vs. Coke). Matt finds it curious that Jacob’s quitting was a simple afterthought at the end of the show.

The discussion then moves to the man of the hour: Primetime 99 Alex Stein. Rob asks if he’s the test tube baby of Matt & Evel Dick. Dick thinks Alex is trying too hard, but all agree that if he doesn’t come back from Limbo, it will be the nail in the coffin for the show. They are unsure how exactly players can win on this show, but think Alex may be playing the best game.

Rob, Matt, and Dick then talk about the cast as a whole. Dick says they didn’t go for an attractive cast, but isn’t seeing their personalities either. Matt is puzzled as to why the average-looking cast members haven’t learned to develop personalities– he found the live feeds insufferable. The trio also talks about the disembodied Siri-voiced host and the Xbox Kinect style voting system. Dick says the voiceover host is similar to BB UK, so Rob thinks BBC should get in on the lawsuit action. They also talk about the down-to-the-wire casting, the lame first challenge, and the weekend sequesters of the Glass Houseguests.

Proving you have to “expect the unexpected” on Rob Has a Web Show, a celebrity caller, Rachel Reilly, joins the show. She hasn’t seen Glass House, but wanted to hear others’ thoughts on it. A bearded Brendon also joins the show, and the chatroom is overwhelmingly in favor of Brendon’s facial hair. Rachel gives some updates on her life, including that they are buying a house.

Rob asks about the recent promos for the Supersized Big Brother 14 and whether this is a reaction to pressure from Glass House. The group consensus is that Big Brother will come out ahead, and Dick hopes that the new producers on BB this year will lead to fresher twists and challenges. Next, Rob polls the chatroom to see who is the better Stein: Eric or Alex. Eric Stein is the overwhelming winner.

Rob asks the group to give their stump speeches for the Top 14 Big Brother poll, but all of them modestly deflect the question and throw their support behind Lawon. They also suggest their dream twists for BB14. Rachel would like to see teams like in Survivor and Brendon would like to find a way to eliminate floaters. Dick would like to see America either have a vote for who goes home each week, or a vote to nominate a third person to go on the block. Rob wonders if there will be more of an America voting component in this season of Big Brother because of the fan interaction on Glass House. The group thinks that Big Brother has nothing to worry about, but they probably will anyway.

Rob, Matt, and Evel Dick then talk about Joy (who Alex called a “stripper”), Erica (who Alex called “fat”), Apollo’s card strategy, and Bar Mitzvah DJ Mike’s slogan of “Don’t ‘bro’ me if you don’t know me.” Dick makes a point to compliment the Glass House live feeds from a technical standpoint, but he thought the content was pointless. Matt Hoffman strongly recommends reading the bios of the contestants on Rob then reads an excerpt of Primetime Alex Stein’s bio. They then discuss how Alex compares to Colton from Survivor. The consensus is Alex seems to be playing a role, while Colton really believed what he was saying.

Rob tries to generate a campaign slogan to save Alex Stein and then takes some rapid fire questions with Matt and Dick to close the show. They wish the challenge had more intriguing factoids about the contestants, such as “one of the houseguests is a registered sex offender.” They also try to figure out the difference between the enemies and friends rooms and why anyone would want to be captain. Finally, Rob gives his thoughts on Tim Tebow.

It was a spreecast full of surprises, and Matt thinks it got more viewers than the Glass House voting audience. Speaking of voting, remember to vote in the Big Brother Top 14 poll!

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