Getting Hood, Not Ghetto with Survivor Stephen

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Jimmy Johnson was the latest Survivor to be voted out on Survivor Nicaragua and Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back with an all new podcast talking with Stephen Fishbach from Survivor Tocatins. On this podcast we will discuss:

– The lasting impact of Jimmy Johsnon. Did he go too soon or was it his time to go?

– Marty has been the dominant player so far in the game. Why do Rob and Stephen disagree whether it was a good move to vote out Jimmy Johnson?

– The NaOnka controversy. Why does NaOnka hate Fabio and Kelly B. so much and why won’t she be voted out anytime soon?

– Why was Jeff Probst so upset in his latest Survivor blog?

It’s a Survivor podcast that’s so funny, you’ll laugh so hard you thought that NaOnka pushed you… it’s Rob Has a Podcast

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