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The Genius Know-It-Alls: Season 1 Audiobook

The Smartest Guys Around Are About to Break Down “The Genius”


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For years, you’ve been hearing about the Korean strategy-based reality show on Rob Has a Podcast.  Finally, Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach have gotten together to record “The Genius Know-It-Alls” for Season 1 of “The Genius”

This audiobook presentation is 12 chapters long, one for each episode of Season 1 of “The Genius”.  After each episode of the series, Rob and Stephen recorded a podcast recapping the episode to provide a fully unspoiled account of the season.  This is perfect if you’ve never seen the show and want to listen to a chapter after each episode.

The Genius Know-It-Alls can be purchased for $3.99 and will also be made available to Rob Has a Podcast Patrons at $5 level.  See more about becoming an RHAP Patron


Included with your purchase:

  • 12 Audiobook Chapters in mp3 format (8 hours, 25 minute runtime)
  • Podcast RSS Feed to listen on your smartphone or computer


The Genius Season 1 Playlist

Episodes are courtesy of Bumdidlyumptious channel on Youtube

Watch Episode 1

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Watch Episode 3

Watch Episode 4

Watch Episode 5

Watch Episode 6

Watch Episode 7

Watch Episode 8

Watch Episode 9

Watch Episode 10

Watch Episode 11

Watch Episode 12


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Special Thanks

Thanks again to Aaron Robertson for performing the theme song to The Genius Know-It-Alls

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