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Friggin 5: The Casey Kasem Saga, Reality TV News & More

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Rob Cesternino and the first lady of podcasting, Nicole Cesternino are ready to DO IT AGAIN with another Friggin’ 5 podcast.  Join Rob and Nicole as they discuss the 5 biggest stories in the world of RHAP.

Friggin’ 1: The Ongoing Saga of Casey Kasem

Rob and Nicole discuss the very sad battle going on between legendary DJ Casey Kasem’s wife and his family.  Rob brings up how he did his impression of Casey Kasem on Survivor: The Amazon and feels compelled to talk about this story.  Over the past few weeks the story has taken many twists and turns as the fighting between the two sides has gotten increasingly nasty.  The weirdness culminated when Jean Kasem threw raw meat at Casey Kasem’s kids.  At the crux of this battle is the $80 million estate of Casey Kasem, which presumably is at stake for both sides.

Casey Kasem’s Wife Threw Raw Meat at His Kids

UPDATE: Since we recorded this podcast, a judge has ruled that food and water can be stopped for Casey Kasem

Friggin’ 2: Reality Show News

Lots of news has been going on in the Survivor and Big Brother worlds this week:

  • Keith and Whitney are Going to be on The Amazing Race 25
    Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson are going to be competing in the upcoming 25th season of The Amazing Race.  The Race teams left from Times Square in NY two weeks ago and the identities of the teams were revealed.  Rob theorizes why CBS tapped Whitney and Keith to be the latest reality couple crossing over to the Race.
  • Tony Vlachos welcomes his second child, Constantine
    This week, Tony and his wife Marissa welcomed Constantine Vlachos in to the world.  Tony’s son is the second child with older sister Anastasia Marie being born last year.
    See Pictures of Tony’s Baby on People.com
  • Angie Layton Does Not Win Miss USA and That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles
    Rob and Nicole express their disappointment over Angie Layton not advancing in Miss USA… a sentiment shared by Russell Hantz.
  • Malcolm Has a New Travel Show: Wayfaring
    Malcolm Freberg is enjoying the Mr. Survivor bump and has become the host of a new online travel series.  Malcolm’s show was announced on Wednesday where he will make 20 stops in 20 days.  Rob and Nicole pick out some places for Malcolm to visit.
    See More about Malcolm’s New Show
  • Jon and Neda from Big Brother Canada 2 are Dating!
    Shocking News from north of the border as it has been revealed that the ultimate BBCAN2 power couple are actually a couple.  Rob is still struggling with a name for this new duo.
    Jon and Neda Are Officially a Thing

Friggin’ 3: Weird News

With so many weird stories happening, it was tough to fit everything in one category… but we tried.

  • A Doctor Has Been Suspended After Sexting in the Operating Room – Read the Story
  • A new intimate lubricant contains cannabis – Read the Story
  • A woman has revealed that she had sexual contact with a dolphin – Read the Story
  • This Saturday, New Yorkers can watch the “2nd Annual Smallest Penis in Brooklyn” Contest – Get More Information (NSFW)

Friggin’ 4: Father’s Day is Coming

With Father’s Day coming this Sunday, Rob talks a bit about this first Father’s Day as a father.  Talking about his own father, Rob discusses the last conversation that he had with his own father before he died in 2011.

Rob’s Story about the Last Conversation with his Father

Friggin’ 5: Your Questions and Comments

Rob and Nicole address a number of questions from the listeners of RHAP including questions about The World Cup, what shows Rob watches for fun, what Rob thought about the cancellation of Community, the possibility of Dominic on a podcast, the future of the FOX reality series Utopia and how men are now being “Spornosexual”


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