Russell Hantz Returns: The ‘Flipped Off’ Mega Hantz-Cast

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For three seasons of Survivor, Russell Hantz terrorized the other players and became one of the all-time great Survivor characters. Now Russell is facing his greatest challenge… the real estate market. Russell Hantz makes his triumphant second appearance with Rob Cesternino on Rob Has a Podcast in anticipation of the premiere of his new show “Flipped Off” premiering Saturday, April 28th at 9 pm ET / 8 pm CT.

Star of Survivor and A & E's Flipped Off, Russell Hantz

Click the photo to hear Russell's first RHAP appearance from January 2012.

Russell joins Rob to tell him a little bit about how his new show works. Russell is putting up his own money to buy houses and then he is fixing them up with the help of Shawn Hantz, his brother and also the father of Survivor South Pacific’s Brandon Hantz. Russell is also working with an actual real estate agent by the name of Kristen Bredehoeft, a top Houston realtor.

Rob brings Kristen into the conversation and Russell talks about their working relationship. Kristen has never seen Russell play Survivor and Rob suggests that maybe she picks up Russell’s Survivor Season on

Russell talks about his thoughts on Survivor: One World. Russell didn’t like Colton Cumbie because he felt like he wasn’t really playing the game. Russell is not impressed with Kim Spradlin or any of the women on this season of Survivor, except with potentially Chelsea Meissner. After chatting with Kristen, Rob brings Shawn Hantz into the conversation. Before long, Russell and Shawn Hantz are fighting over whether Kristen should be a part of the company. Russell says that Shawn works for him and Shawn claims they are 50/50 partners. Shawn says he wants to fire Kristen. Of course, Russell has plenty to say about the game that Brandon played on Survivor South Pacific and Shawn offers some explanation into Brandon’s game and why he wasn’t at the Survivor South Pacific finale.

Shawn and Russell answer questions from the listeners which somehow end up in discussing which of the Survivors Russell and Shawn are mad at. It turns out Russell would be up for fighting many of the Survivors.

Finally, Russell brings in one more guest as Mikayla Wingle from Survivor South Pacific calls in. Russell wants to ask Mikayla what she did to tempt Brandon so much on Survivor and Mikayla is more than happy to revisit her feud with Brandon Hantz.

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